18 (18) Demonic summoner

Driving the carriage at a speed where Nicokel won't fall, the coach involuntarily glanced at Nicokel blankly staring at the salamanders. Throughout the whole journey, his eyes didn't leave the salamander. 

The Coach: 'Does he like them that much?'

The Coach remembered their conversation from a while ago. 

"Is it possible for me to become the owner of this salamander?" 


It was such an absurd question that the coach took his eyes off the road just to look at Nicokel. 

At that time he was already shocked by looking at the changes in Nicokel's body. 

"Look forward and drive." Nicokel emotionlessly spoke, with most of his attention on the salamander. 

"Ah, Yes. As for the ownership of the salamander, I think it's not possible to pass them to you, Young Master Nicokel."


"The salamanders belong to the Verskein family and can solely be used by the current lord duke. I can only command them because I'm one of the people who raised them. Normally, they don't heed human commands, and can even attack them." 

The Coach tried his best to change Nicokel's mind. 

Whilst, Nicokel rested his chin on the first. 

"Alright. From tomorrow onwards you will have to visit the mansion every day in the evening." 

Nicokel swiftly changed the plan in his head. In the morning he would learn the salamander sword technique from the knights,  and then in the evening, he would learn mana manipulation from the salamander. 

"Y-you can't command me and I have my job to do...so..." Feeling that his words were too impudent, the coach readied himself to be scolded. He truly couldn't heed Nicokel's order, doing so would be neglecting his job. 

In other words, the young masters don't have the right to command the coach. 

 "No need to fret, I will talk to the head butler." 

Unlike the coach's expectations, Nicokel calmly spoke with no negative emotion on his face. 

The conversation ended at that point. 


"We have arrived at our destination, Young Master Nicokel." 

Hearing the coach speak, Nicokel took his attention off the salamander. 

When Nicokel's eyes met the coach, suddenly the latter flinched in surprise. 

It was just for a moment, however, a brilliant gold lustre passed through Nicokel's eyes. 

'That's fast...' Not having kept track of time, Nicokel could only get down with disappointment.  

In reality, almost twenty minutes had passed since they left the mansion. 

The knights instantly walked behind Nicokel, like a loyal retainer. 

The bank was a two-story high building with a huge signboard at the entrance. The artistic sculpture was placed on both sides of the building. 


A bell softly rang as Nicokel entered through the door. The guard didn't stop them, seeing their noble attire either. 

"Welcome to our facility! How can I help you, young master?" The receptionist immediately got out of the counter and bowed nervously. 

Nicokel was a regular, hence the receptionist knew about him. A maniac whose existence even the masses were aware of. 

Nicokel had slimmed out, but his face was still recognizable.

"I want to withdraw money." Nicokel handed over the two checkbook notes. 

"Yes, please relax on the couch there. We will prepare the money immediately." The middle-aged receptionist ran to the inner room urgently. 

Sitting on the couch, Nicokel stared out of the window — towards the beautiful garden. 

'I'm still being abhorred by the masses, but I don't feel the need to change that either. Having a good relationship with the knights is more than enough, I will be trusting my back to them in the future after all.' 

Just like in his past life, whatever the masses didn't affect his mind and goal in the slightest. 

It didn't take long for the receptionist to return with a pouch filled with money. 

"There are correctly two hundred gold coins within the pouch, young master Nicokel." 

It was an astronomical amount for normal and low-rank nobles, but for Nicokel it was just pocket money that could be used up easily. 

Nodding his head, Nicokel left the bank with the knights with no hesitation. 

Nicokel sat alongside the coach again, studying the salamander diligently. 

As Nicokel progressed, it got more and more easier to understand the mana flow. Just like how basic knowledge makes advanced studies easier to understand. 

Nicokel understood the fundamentals of the mana flow within the salamander. 

At this point, even the salamander spewed flame threateningly, from Nicokel's intense staring. 

However, contrary to stopping, Nicokel's eyes grew even more intense seeing the mana movement within the salamander. 

'He has no fear at all...' The coach was left speechless.

After a few minutes, the carriage came to an abrupt stop. 

"What is happening?" Nicokel stared at the people gathered before him. He could find many people wearing priest's clothes among them too. 

"Hmm, it's most likely the search party looking for the demonic summoner they discovered yesterday. It has become a hot topic in the town right at the moment." The coach displayed blatant hostility. 

'Demonic summoner, Huh? I read about them in the books. There are normal summoners too, who can summon angels and monsters created through another beast's body.' Nicokel thought with interest rising within them. 

Demonic summoners were enemies of the holy church spread across the continent. This enmity had lasted for thousands of years, persisting to this date.

'Demonic summoners are those who make deals with demons in hell. Well, I don't know the inner workings either for now. Should I catch this demonic summoner and make him spill some information?' 

From what Nicokel heard, not much mana is used for summoning if he could learn it now — Many uses came to his mind. 


Nicokel knocked on the compartment behind him and questioned: "Can you defeat a summoner by yourself?" 

The knights thought for a second and replied: "Yes, we can easily take care of normal summoners. " 

Hearing this reply, a menacing smile spread across Nicokel's face, not matching his age in the slightest. 

'I might even be awarded by the church if I hand him over later on too. For now, I should see if I can become a summoner.' 

Truthfully, Nicokel didn't think it would be hard to find this demonic summoner, as long as he was in the city. He was an expert in finding hidden enemies. 

In the war back on Earth, it wasn't just him who set ambushes for the enemies. The empire invading them had set up ambushes many times too. Due to those experiences, he was very confident in his ability. 

'It brings back memories, though some unpleasant ones.' Nicokel felt bitterness in his mouth along with gloominess. 

It hadn't been once he lost his comrades to ambushes, which drove him to find enemies like some detective machine. Though he still sometimes sacrificed newbies to test the water. 

'Let's just say I am good at hide and seek.' 

Licking His lips, Nicokel seriously contemplated. 

One thought particularly excited him, 'If I become a summoner, I can become a one-man army in the future. Summoners are very useful in the wars after all.'

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