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War drifter


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The fire of the war is an unending cycle of death. Only a few survive being burnt in this fierce flame. Some call them honorable, or even heroes who saved many. However, There were exceptional characters who were called neither of the above. They were called...Monster. Craving war and losing themselves in it, they spent their lives in madness. Halber, now known as Nicokel, was such a person. To live for himself and fulfill the wishes of his dead comrades, he begins his journey in the new world. ..... Tags: Cunning Mc, cautious Mc, hardworking Mc, cold protagonist, antihero Mc, charismatic protagonist, dark, depiction of cruelty, ruthless Mc. ***** The front page image does not belong to me, if the owner wants to take it down, plz inform me in the comments.


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