17 (17) Mana manipulating stages

After lunch training time.

Nicokel began jogging around the mansion. Mana could be felt being released by his body. He had picked up this method of training from the knights, who maintained the mana around themselves the whole time while training.

The mana didn't strengthen their body and instead put pressure on it. 

'There are no dumbells or such equipment in this world, so this method is really vital to develop oneself. It's easy to learn too, I was able to pick it up easily. For others, it shouldn't take more than three days.' 

Nicokel felt his control over mana to be slightly better in the process too. Putting a few laps around the mansion, his body got worn out easily. 


Nicokel felt amazed internally, 'The knights train for almost half an hour maintaining this mana pressure.' 

Dizziness hit Nicokel and his body ached along with it. His mana reserves were almost empty at this point. 

'Using my mana on the body for four minutes continuously is my limit, I guess.' Nicokel sat on the grass to rest up. 

If Nicokel pushed himself further he could have continued for a little while longer. However, he decided against it, he had to visit the bank to take out his money soon.

'I have to meet with the vice leader of the Heirich merchant group too. Her name was Jane most likely, She is the best channel available to me for now. By solidifying my connection with her, I will have valuable sources of resources even while on the battlefield.' 

Nicokel was never bad at socializing, so he wasn't worried much. 

Surprisingly, Nicokel had not completed all the books he borrowed from the library. He could only complete three books fully before his training session. He did have to visit the library again to get books on magical herbs and inform the head butler in the middle, but it was still a shock to him. 

The level of those books was so high, that even Nicokel had difficulties. It was no wonder the librarian considered it to be hard for beginners. 

'My progress in those five hours was slow, but the things I understood from those three books are priceless.' Nicokel lay like a dead body and lost himself in thoughts. 

The most important information was the level of mana manipulation. The image of the book's pages flowed into Nicokel's head. 

{In the history of humankind in this world, humans have only managed to attain three levels in mana manipulation. It is also known as the pinnacle in the path of the sword, the sword king.}

{The three phases of mana are Vapor form, liquid form, and solid form. It solely depends on the understanding of the mana to change its form. Normally for a person who awakened his mana, it would take five to six years to reach the Vapor phase.}

Nicokel opened his eyes slowly. 'Vapor mana is three times stronger than raw mana, but the consumption of mana is higher too. Thankfully, It's possible to switch between normal mana and vapor form.' 

'It really does solely depend on my understanding of mana. Anyone challenged in intelligence will have quite a hard time rising. All the apprentice knights are in the vapor stage too.' Nicokel understood that he would not win against a knight in a serious fight, even after awakening mana. 

'With my talent, I should be able to reach the vapor stage in two years...' 

Nicokel could only sigh at the long journey had before him. 

After his body recovered, Nicokel changed his clothes to a pair of white shirts and black pants. He checked himself in the huge mirror, to straighten up his clothes and fix his hair. 

'I should get a haircut soon....' Nicokel touched his hair that was almost reaching the neck. He moved out of the room and walked towards the main gate of the mansion. 

Nicokel had informed the head butler of his departure a while ago. Nicokel ordered him to prepare some guide and guard. 

'....I doubt if that bitch, Trenae, will try to assassinate me, but it's still always good to be cautious.' Nicokel didn't let his guard down for a second. 

There was a very high chance the formal challenge petition would be accepted. There was no one supporting Nicokel either to stop this challenge. It was a very one-sided situation. If he didn't have his past life experience — it would have been a despairing situation. 

Arriving at the front gate, Nicokel saw two familiar knights waiting for him. They were apprentice knights, who he saw in the training arena multiple times. 

"Lead the way then." Nicokel looked up to the knight who seemed to be older, 25 years old. 

"Understood, please this way young master." 

One knight led the way, while the other one followed Nicokel seriously, looking out for any danger. 

The guards at the gate let them leave with a nod of their heads. They too were apprentice knights that Nicokel had seen in the training ground. 

'Most of the knights' in the mansion are only apprentice knights. All the other knights with higher strength have been moved to the battlefield. I just don't get the feeling of death from them, they haven't experienced any sort of deadly situation in their life...' 

Nicokel accessed the knights and then looked forward. 

A carriage along with a familiar coach could be seen standing before the gate. The head butler had prepared the carriage, knowing the bank to be far. 

The street before the mansion was properly maintained too. Carriages being pulled by horses and other beasts were visible to Nicokel. 

'Oh!' Nicokel's eyes widened looking at the salamanders. 

His talent did not activate, but Nicokel could still understand the mana flow around the salamander. It was very similar to the way the knights circulated their mana. 

"You two sit within the carriage, I will be with the driver." Nicokel points at the carriage with his chin to the knights. 

"...! Please reconsider, Young master Nicokel. We won't be able to protect you if you sit in the coach section....!" 

Looking at the knight's loyal display, Nicokel

Pointed at the salamander next. 

"The salamander will protect me." Nicokel was adamant about sitting in the coach. 

In the end, the knights resigned themselves and entered the carriage. 

"Hey, are you not going to drive?" Nicokel asked the coach with his eyes glued on the salamanders. 

"Ah, Y-yes." The coach pulled the reins nervously, sitting beside Nicokel. 


The carriage began moving forward. 

Nicokel on the other hand could help but marvel looking at the salamanders. He found the mana circulation within their body to be in a different league from the knights. 

'Should I say it's perfect? I could have understood more if I had mana to activate my talent. If I can manipulate the mana to flow similarly to the salamander, I can most likely master Verskein's sword technique easily.' 

With that in mind, Nicokel turned to the coach. 

"Is it possible for me to become the owner of this salamander?" 


The coach blinked in response to Nicokel's question.

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