559 Should he be patient?

Every movement Ji Yao made was very suggestive. The way he slightly tilted his head to the side while smiling coquettishly at Rui Fei had this tent pitching man hungry as fuck. With his hair and robes fluttering with the wind his feet were covered by the incense mist on the ground giving him a hypnotic look that could drive anyone crazy.

His gaze was the epitome of seduction revving Rui Fei's engine so much that he just wanted to drive. Ji Yao slowly sat beside him without breaking eye contact.

The intense emotions being exchanged between the two of them were extremely intimate and raw that the surrounding atmosphere went from tranquil to sexual tension in a heartbeat. 

Rui Fei was so mesmerised by him that he moved closer while subconsciously biting his lower lip. It was as though he had an encounter with Medusa but instead of being turned into a pillar of stone, he was lured into a massive trap.


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