Voyage With The Pirate King
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Voyage With The Pirate King


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What is Voyage With The Pirate King

Read Voyage With The Pirate King novel written by the author Andru_9788 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, r18, comedy, modern, lgbt. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Ji Yao, the future Pirate King rescued a pitiful boy from the goodness of his heart only to find out that pitiable looking lad was far from the word pitiful. Calling him a wolf pup in sheep's clothing wouldn't be an exaggeration. Like they say watch what you pick up and bring home with you. As they journeyed across the continent slaying creatures and half breeds that stood in their way all the wolf pup could think of was: 'My husband is cute,' Or 'When can we will nightfall come so we can cuddle,' Or 'Husband smells so good. I want to bite him.' Ji Yao who had woken up with a bite mark, "......" Let's Voyage together and witness a relationship designed by fate blossom into a power couple born from powerful Nocru clans.


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I love the Author’s novels and when I found out that they made a new one I immediately read the few chapters that where released! This novel definitely caught my eye and is interesting even after just reading the prologue I am excited to see this story develop and gain more readers.


It's only been two chapters so I most of my stars are because I have read authors previous work. That being said with 2 chapters and I can tell I am hooked. it already had me laughing and saying awww how cute. Like always author pulls me right into the story... [img=update]


I was checking everyday to see if you've stated another book. I think am obsessed with your work author 😄. I will give you all 5 of course.


Hmm only I have read for chapters but I can say this book is quite good. I look forward to the rescue the most because of the heinous behavior of the prince. I will be looking for more chapters hopefully soon.


Actually I don't know what to say lol I love this author so much, I'm a super fan of all his books if you haven't read his others work then you should you will love them as well 😁 I'm really waiting for more interaction with our two lovely boys can't wait hahaha 😊 same if I don't take time to comment your story I love it so much and that's the only novel I'm waiting everyday for the uptade 🥰❤❤❤


Author I love all the novels you’be done so far, they are just such a fun read and amazing works! I can’t wait to see how the book turns out but I already know that it’ll be amazing!


This book may only be 18 chapters in but goodness gracious this author had a talent for writing. Andru_9788 is able to hook you with out your knowledge.


I am currently on chapter 40, can't believe I forgot to review until now! So, excellent work. The theme, pirate is an old school but combined with the idea of forbidden(? or more like Romeo Juliet but better version?) love story with Nocru the story become something fresh and unpredictable that leave reader hanging for more chapter after reading the latest one. I am proud to give the author, the well deserved 5* rating


I'm done reading the 'Saving the Overbearing CEO' one of the author's work and truly enjoyed it. And now I'm here reading his new work. Excited to read the new chapter and waiting how the story will unfold. In the middle of reading his other work 'The Prince and His Fool' 😊




Here comes a review from one of your silent readers author. Nope I'm not anymore 'cause I decided to turn a new leaf and be a noisy one. 😂 Okay now let's get to the serious staff🧐 When I first started your novel and found out it's about pirates, I was a little hesitant cause pirate thing was never my taste. But then I gave it a try. As an obsessive fan of your second novel, I knew it won't disappoint me. And that's it. Now here I am already at chapter 110 and it keeps me thirst for more and more. About writing quality, we all know andru's such a master. I've got almost nothing much to criticise.The grammar great, with his advanced vocabulary usages and such superb writing style, this reader just can't find any flaws about it. Overall, the novel was amazing and I know it's gonna become another one of the hottest LGBT+ stories in webnovel. This fan will give you all five stars as a sign of my love for your awesome works author.


One of my favourite authors on webnovel! Only became a member a couple of months ago but binge read the previous two books and now absolutely loving this one! The novel has everything you want, fantastic storyline and mood setting, sweet blossoming romance and lots of action, leaves you craving more! I highly recommend this book, you really won't be disappointed 😊


Amazing world building, the characters are so life like, something that I've noticed in both books I've read from this author, simply fabulous, the story is in depth and the details bring to life a whole new world, love, love it loooove it!!


I have read authors other work so when i am thinking about what to write here I have a big question mark ❓ I seriously don't know what to write because I am like a hungry wolf with no patience... I want more🥺🥺.....!!!!!


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