2 The breathtaking and ruthless Villainess

"Ah!" He hissed and clutched his forearm, where the symbol of a phoenix slowly formed. It was the symbol of Xiu Ying, the dreadful phoenix cultivator.

[What's this?] He asked but to his shock, his voice sounded like it came from every part of the cavern and Chinese characters appeared a meter away from him.

His words were visible and everyone in the hall could see them. Although most of them were ruthless cultivators under Xiu Ying, fear clouded their minds at such an unusual sight.

Staring at the tall, slim man garbed in a luxurious black silk robe with a thick white coat over it and tiny golden chains attached from one edge to the other like fancy buttons, they couldn't help but take one step backward because of his face!

Unlike his tall but seemingly normal body, a golden mask covered his face, down to his neck. It seemed to be molded to his face and except for his eyes, the rest of the mask was flat.

He had no nose or mouth!

His silky raven hair fell to his shoulder blades, matching the color of his obsidian eyes, which had stopped glowing.

Xiu Ying's eyes twinkled and her grip around the sheath of her jade sword tightened. Her pale, white face flushed as she took large strides towards Li Chen.

[What happened to my face?!] Li Chen's panicked voice echoed as his words appeared mid-air. 

This time, Xiu Ying's willowy brows furrowed. 'Can it be that I fought those sects for a fake?' She thought.

The moment Xiu Ying was within a five-meter radius, her brows furrowed, and she paused. His pretty face distorted as her eyes radiated a bone-chilling light. 

Although Li Chen looked magnificent, he was utterly useless because there was no star energy within him. He wasn't even a cultivator at the lowest level!

"Who told me that this was the hidden realm of an immortal Primal?" Xiu Ying turned her head to her companions, who felt their spines grow cold. 

"Who is it?!" She screamed, and a fiery aura billowed off her, causing the temperature to skyrocket. Golden flames appeared above her right palm. 

Li Chen's eyes grew wide as he watched the display of power. 'It can't be that I've appeared in my book! No, that's impossible… But that's clearly Xiu Ying; I can't mistake that charming figure. Wait, I planned for her to enslave an immortal Primal due to her potent bloodline and the fact that he was gravely injured so how the heck am I here?!'

Staring at his arms, Li Chen gasped. Along with his gasp, three exclamation marks appeared mid air but he wasn't shocked by the weird phenomenon anymore.

Instead of the Immortal Primal, he was the one Xiu Ying awoke with her blood, so it meant he was now her slave.

He had planned for the immortal Primal to kill her when he secretly regained his strength and this was because he created Xiu Ying to be a cruel character.

Was he going to suffer at the hands of a character he created? It seemed unreal but reality hit him when Xiu Ying unsheathed her blade, stepped twice on air and landed with the tip of her blade aimed at his throat.

Reacting quickly, he went back but Xiu Ying muttered softly, "Ring of flames."

The heat of the golden fire, which sealed all escape routes, reminded him that this was a world of cultivation, a place where power ruled.

"Miss, although he's weak, there must be a reason he was locked in this realm for millennia." A man garbed in black robes clasped his hands and yelled. 

He just couldn't watch his Miss make such a grave mistake without first confirming if Li Chen was truly useless. 

"You're right." Xiu Ying paused, her unbridled fury vanishing in a blink of an eye. Her current calm expression made her akin to a beautiful water lily. 

'How did I create such a horrible person in the shell of a heavenly beauty?!' Li Chen felt like smacking his past self. 

Her phoenix-shaped eyes narrowed as she scrutinized him. "Now that I look at it, he does have good height and shape. What's your name, slave?" 

[I am not a slave!]

Staring at the Chinese characters hovering before her, Xiu Ying's bright red lips parted as a pleasant laughter rang.

However, Li Chen could sense her contempt and mockery. 

"Is that so? The only reason you are alive is because of my blood. Only those with the blood of ancient Guardians can open the tomb you were in and you were bound to be a slave to the person who freed you. It's the rules of the seal." 

Li Chen lowered his head to the tattoo on his right forearm and the white cloth around Xiu Ying's right forearm. 

"I think he lost his memories," a fat man said while nodding. He had two cleavers attached to his waist, just below his protruding stomach.

[My name is Li Chen.] 

When they saw the Chinese words hovering midair, everyone turned to the fat man, who glared at Li Chen for making him look like a fool.

"Li Chen. I like it so I'll let you keep it. Tiger Yi!" 

"Miss!" Tiger Yi, the same man who stopped her from attacking earlier, came out of the group.

"You'll be in charge of training him. If he doesn't achieve the peak of his mundane level at the end of three months, kill him." 

Tiger Yi bowed and kept his head lowered until Xiu Ying walked past him, heading for the exit. 

Suddenly, she paused and turned to Li Chen, who was still processing his current situation. "Are you not supposed to be behind your master?" Her mellifluous voice rang.


"Hurry!" Tiger Yi whispered and gestured for Li Chen to rush to her side before her mood changed. 

As Li Chen walked behind Xiu Ying, he couldn't help but perceive the aura of her men. Most of them had lit up over ten stars so they were all above the mundane level. 

Trailing back to Xiu Ying, who wore a sleeveless azure robe that had a V cut at the chest area, his eyes gleamed when he saw her bosom.

'She does possess a stunning bosom... Wait, when did I become this lecherous?!'

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