Two Worlds: An Immortal’s Journey with a Villaness

Eastern Fantasy
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  • 225 Chs
  • 4.5
    34 ratings
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What is Two Worlds: An Immortal’s Journey with a Villaness

Read ‘Two Worlds: An Immortal’s Journey with a Villaness’ Online for Free, written by the author DD_TheDreamer, This book is a Eastern Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Helpless.That's the only word that could explain Li Chen's life.At twenty one, he was the most famous author because of ...


Helpless. That's the only word that could explain Li Chen's life. At twenty one, he was the most famous author because of his ongoing book; Calamity Rise. Unfortunately, his great life took an unexpected turn as he found himself in his story and as the Villainess slave! What? A Duke offended the underworld queen and her slave wiped out the entire dukedom just by waving his hands! Follow Li Chen in his quest for freedom from his story. What will be his reaction when he discovers, People in the real world were still reading, assuming it was just an ordinary story? -------- Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/8Ufe4789YX

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Table of Contents
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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :World Apart
Volume 2 :The Guardian Returns

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So, what to expect in this book? A; An Mc who is able to move his soul between two bodies. One is the Author who lives in modern china and the other is a powerful body in a cultivation world. The Mc is tied to a beautiful villainess for reasons unknown and their interaction will surely develop into something worthwhile. I am going to drill deep into the cultivation world which the plot revolves around while also taking you through his brief experiences in the modern world. You'll get to enjoy the fresh emotions of a mundane man who gets to wield powers seen in movies. Finally, feel free to visit my newly opened discord server and share your opinions. NOTE; This story's major focus is on the cultivation world. Also, please review and support!


haha!! love the beginning, it captures the real struggle of authors when their audience chooses the wrong side. the writing quality is also great. I'll be following this one closely.


Nice start. I've read many cultivation novels and this one had managed to be unique! No joke, it's a good book and the soft touch of mystery is gnawing at my sanity.


This certainly exceeded my expectations when I started reading this story. While the premise and idea seem cliche, the author makes an overused idea seem unique and compelling with characters that integrate well within the story this far. While the plot is still in its initial phase while I’m writing this, I’ve been impressed with what’s happened thus far and am excited to see what happens next. Highly recommended, 5 star novel.


this comment indentifies as a proper review


The writing quality, update stability, and character design are all pretty good. The only thing I have to comment about is the world. I really have no idea what it’s like so far. The only info I have is that there are sects, a protagonist, and there was a spar on a mountain that created a sword lotus. The concept of the story is great though. And I might be wrong but the fact that he sees things pop up in comic format as information is interesting. At least, that’s what I imagine while reading it. As of 27 chapters in I definitely recomend.


A very good novel in my opinion, good writing quality (there are some typos and some he/she problem but it doesn't effect the overall story and the grammar and the phrasing is good.) The story's plot is very good and the author doesn't stretch things out too much, it's a little fast paced for me but it's very enjoyable. The characters are very written, l really like the mc, seems more realistic in his choices and is likable. The world is vast and not explored much, but it's been hinting that mc is gonna explore. A solid 4.3+/5 in my opinion, hope author doesn't drop it.


I like the beginning, although I would like to have a separate chapter to better understand the power levels and levels of cultivation techniques. I really like the potential in character development and the way they interact. dont drop pls


Good my guy, keep em coming, good writing


Reallllly fun story to read just hope the ch release were more often but at the same time quality over quantity so I get it


Reveal spoiler


Hmm... What Should I say? Yup. This book isn't like other eastern fantasy ones it is unique and good so just don't judge a book (or perhaps Web Novel here...) by it's cover and reviews, try it urself and see if u like it or not, after all if you are browsing this platform then you have got too much free time and looking for anything fun, so go on and try, and judge this book yourself (especially those who give money to read extra chapters, so that this author, if he is in need of money, does not locks the chapters)


Reveal spoiler




First off , this is probably one of the best new books right now, I love the story, the premise and the characters. I love Li Chens interacting with Xiu Ying and the way they’re both developing 5/5. Keep up the great work.


love it................................................................................................................................................


I really like this book so far I hope it continues the course it is on


This is actually good unlike some cultivation stories that just lacks depth. Anyways good work


Reveal spoiler


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