Villain: Rebirth of the Primordial Evil Book

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Villain: Rebirth of the Primordial Evil


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“Little man, remember these words. Evil is an art, beautiful because natural. Rage, love, hatred, they’re all embellishments. Evil, at its truest, needs no reason beyond the pursuit of self-gratification.” When the powerhouses of the Demon Realm sacrifice a broken boy in an ancient forbidden ritual, they succeed in materializing humanity’s darkest aspects, strengths, abilities, emotions, and desires in the form of another boy, the Incarnation of Evil: Huan Yi. But while the successful incarnation of the prophesied Demon Child should have sparked the revitalization of the Demon Realm, when Huan Yi rejects the Demon Realm’s hopes and expectations to embark on a quest to find the three missing Primeval Tools, the lords of the Demon Realm realize that the ritual had malfunctioned. The Demon Child was…incomplete. Equipped with the Manuscript of Forbidden Secrets and the ability to control Karma, will Huan Yi mature into the overlord needed by the Demon Realm to conquer Heaven, or will he fall to the Righteous Path experts’ attempts to convert him into their very own savior? Join him to find out. Author Alert: This story was written by a wonderful psychopath, for wonderful psychopaths. You've been warned.