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Read Villain Lady novel written by the author Sorahana on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Historical Romance stories, covering comedy, revenge, historical, survival, firstlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


“Future will only set in stone when it becomes the present.” Wei Liuying is a concubine daughter in Prime Minister’s Residence. A lowly existence with barely anyone who cares for her. She had to rely on her wits and manipulate others to stay alive. When the main daughter suddenly changed overnight, the others were dragged to keep up with her pace. Wei Liuying was no exception, and she had to adapt to the sudden power structure’s shift inside the residence. The main daughter laughed and looked at her with contempt, “Trying to scheme at me who knows everything like the back of my hand? You’re nothing more than a villain who’ll die a miserable death.” When the only one who cared for her was harmed by her father and so-called family, Wei Liuying laughed to Heaven as tears trailed on her cheek. “If you truly wish for me to be the villain, fine. I’ll be one.” In the midst of the raging flames of succession’s war and rebellions, Wei Liuying had to stand up for herself and fight for her survival. ... Story set in fictional world with similar culture to Ancient China. Join the discord to chat with the author and other readers: https://discord.gg/pBy2wGB ... Other novels: -Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete] - Under the Veil of Night [complete] - 7 Path of the Lilies [on long hiatus] - 1 Year of Beginning [complete] - Science and Fantasy [complete] - 2 Years of Restarting [on going] - Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower [on going] ... If you like my writing, I would really appreciate it if you can support me through either one of these: Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/sorahana2 ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/sorahana Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sorahana Follow me on IG: @sora100518


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First of all, thanks for the wonderful story you've given us author! I'm very grateful I discovered this and now I have another great story to look forward to. I love the MC. Her personality and attitude makes me want to cheer her on and hope alongside her that she can have a peaceful life. It draws me in to sympathize and somewhat relate to her I guess? idk how to explain lol (like bruh I ain't in ancient times haha) She has a passive attitude to anything and everyone (even when mistreated), so I really feel for her maids lol. (Can I send some bitch slap to her shit family? I think they deserve it. And of course some love and support for the MC!) Anyways I'm looking forward to seeing her life improve but I know she has to suffer first just reading the synopsis. (I'm worrying about a fictional character lol whats happening). If I'm feeling like that, it means the author did a great job portraying the MC for the readers to feel attached to her so there's that. World background I don't know much about (I don't really pay attention to those things so I don't have info on that, sorry haha). Also there's some grammar mistakes but its not that bothering compared to others here so I still give the writing quality a 5. Its just some occasional wrong use of words but you won't even notice it most of the time. (Honestly i mean who am I to judge lol look at these confusing paragraphs) I just binge read it in one day so there's really not much about other categories but even though its only a few chapters I'm already hooked in. (Great job author! Thanks for the hard work. I hope you continue this awesome story!) P.S. Jesus christ. Rereading this right now and... I'm sorry for anyone unfortunate reading this incomprehensible babble lol. (I just wanna give the author my review haha)


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Another Sorahana book finished. Sigh. As I have thought. I really love this author’s book. It has everything I’m looking for a read. Nice plot, a bit of mystery, no misunderstanding, no prolonged drama, no angst, and my most favorite is that it’s a very light read. I’ve long been fed up with all the angsty novels here in WN, so having a go to author who I know writes light reads is very very comforting for me. 🥺 I MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT SPILL SOME SPOILERS UNKOWINGLY, SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED 😭 Although that’s what I said, I honestly don’t know where to start. At first I thought that this was a reincarnation or transmigration story but as I go on, I found out that it’s not. On the contrary, the villain in this story is actually the one who transmigrated. Our FL only adapted to her surroundings as changes happened to the supposedly original novel. Our FL is a very decisive girl and strong willed. she never gIves up until the very end even if it costs her her life. Our ML is not the usual cold hearted, aloof ML, but rather, he’s very very scheming! 🤣 And he is not also a prince or a high ranking noble which is probably what I like the most in this story ❤️ The story was well thought of. The pacing was really good. It didn’t feel rash for me. There were also epilogues for us! Although I do hope to see more of our FL and ML’s groing family ❤️ I love the emotions in this novel. As I have said, the story is not angsty, but there is still emotions in it. but not enought to cry that is why this is a very light read and is pErfect for those readers like me who is looking for an escape from all those heavy drama novels. Let me tell you a secret before ending this review: ML has been scheming against our FL since the first time he saw her 🙊 To find out what I mean, go ahead and start reading! 😏


Well written story and paced extremely well. There are many mysteries that have yet to be uncovered and the novel gives out just the right amount of information to satiate your questions but leave alot hanging for you to guess and think about. Have not encountered a point where grammar/spelling was ever an issue and the story runs very smooth. Cant wait for future chapters!


10 chapters were enough to lure me in. When I saw the genderbender tag with historical theme, I had FBFB flashbacks. However, it looks like WL is more passive and accepting of her surroundings as compared to your other protagoniats who always wished and struggled for freedom. Therefore, I am anticipating to the moment when she'd be forced to rebel, especially when the situations will change. By the way, Sora, is WXH reincarnated/transmigrated?


To be honest on a whole Sorohana writes good novels. For the most part, the characters are never boring, there is very little copy and paste and the events have merit. I like this story, the characters are interesting especially the FL who has the smarts to know when and how to act and survive in a snake den of her home. I do not know the ML as yet nor am I invested, I'm just enjoying the reading journey. This book will stay in my library, continue the good work Sorohana.


The book is really good and is developing at a really good pace. The plot is also uniqe and its not very cliche with lots of mysterious factors that keep the reader guessing and building anticipation about whats happening next.


Super book. Even if it's in the starting stage the story build up of the novel is too good. I so sooo love it. The character development is also good. The FL is naturally intelligent and very steady minded has lot of patience. I just love her character that she build up herself at a young age. Just totally super.


currently at ch 24. writing is excellent! the story flows nicely and the background setting is clear so far. mc is just loveable. i really like how she looked weak and had no power, simply accepting her fate on the outside when in fact, she's no pushover. it seems she has a plan, but there's no clue about it so far. ml is non existent right now haha. def a slow burn. but i see several ml candidates and each of them are def interesting and piqued my curiosity.


I like this novel because it has a very unique storyline unlike most novel our dear protagonist isn't a lets go scheme and kill people or the one with a over the top tragic past. She is just a self developed talented genius who is there to survive. The story has a very down to earth plotine and description and humor. Just lives the part where its like people won't know who is the bride if I marry you ( Chapter 23 ). [img=update]


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Never get tired for Sora's novel. The author's previous novels are awesome so surely this one will be awesome as well. Do give it a try and enjoooy!


From the 10 chapters i had read to far, all i can say that this story is pretty interesting and the female lead is really different from the other characters you ever written. I can't wait for what will happen in the future and so far i don't like her family.


I stayed up all night to binge this story that's how great it is. I care about the characters in the story and wish the best for them. The characters that I should not like, I wish the worse for them. Their was never a time that I thought the MC did any thing stupid and I think all of the books by this author are great so I'm not biased at all. Sorry for the bad grammar.


Reviewing at Chapter 84: Like always, Sorahana's novels rock! This novel has piqued my interest since I've first read the summary. So far, the story has been developing at a steady and nice pace. I also really like Wei Liuying for how strong she is(But I also wonder how scheming she can be because according to the synopsis, the first daughter/Wei Xiao Hua told WLY that WLY can't scheme against her who thinks she knows the future). As for another thing, I wonder is there is some connection between VL and Flowers Bloom from Battlefield(FBFB; loved that btw)? Because from what I've read so far from both the synopsis and the novel at Chp 84 that this character names Ji Sheng(I assume he's the ML?) that he's a handsome but ruthless man. It also stated in the synopsis that the people that cared about WLY were all harmed by those so-called family members. Remember Lan Gao Ya & Ye Lei from FBFB? Honestly they were actually by favorite side couple from that novel, both cruel and ruthless. Apparently, I for some reason feel as though WLY is a reincarnation of LGY and IF Ji Sheng is the ML, then he could be a reincarnation of YL because if those who care about WLY all die from her "family", then it would be very similar to LGY from FBFB as her father and mother was harmed by her uncle. It also wouldn't be surprising if she were to fall into the same pool of hatred that LGY had fallen into since they both experienced a similar yet different past and JS is quite ruthless like YL. As for JS, since he's probably just as ruthless as YL, there may be a possibly that he's a reincarnation of YL. Although there isn't much description about both him and YL, based on the word "ruthless" alone, they're already ruthless. So yeah, I'm really enjoying the story so far but still wonder if VL has a connection with FBFB as people in the comments wished for LGY to live a happy and non-bloody life with YL(it was just sad that they died so soon, I really wanted them to be a couple; it felt as though YL was just getting started with LGY) cause I feel as though WLY and JS are quite similar to both LGY and YL.


I'm glad I started reading this book and I'd never regret it. So start reading guys, cos you will love it. We've seen a lot of transmigrating stories ,however , this is quiet different from the regular stories. in fact, its unique and that makes its special.


Another amazing story by Sorahana!! Unique plot with lots of twists, action and adventure!! This is the 1st story I read every morning!! Cant wait for every new chapter!!


wao author .....what an interesting and fantastic story......really....... good work by u.....highly recommended...totally hooked up.........


its been quite some time since i have read such an intriguing novel. have smooth plot development, good story, couldn't put it down without finishing the chapters and can't wait for more.


Very well written story. The story is reasonably paced with excellent character and world development. The plot of the story is very good. I am very much looking forward to how the story progresses.


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