1 Welcome To System Online

In a classroom full of teenagers, a video was being played on a big screen while a voice narrated,

"New York City,

Tall buildings and high skyscrapers dominated the whole layout of the city. As such, technology was very prominent.

Technology was needed everywhere, from solving complex algorithms to helping toddlers learn simple syllables.

In such a world, heavily dependent on technology and where things like magic and swords were mere concepts of fiction and were shown as animated cartoons to entertain people, a change occurred.

Humanity had suddenly cracked the code for transmitting their consciousness into a virtual world, a world many would only dream of.

However, things went wrong. The code they cracked, the so-called life-altering change they claimed would come, backfired upon them.

Although transmitting one's consciousness into a virtual world was possible, it wasn't in humanity's hands anymore, as they couldn't even control where their consciousness would be transmitted.

For centuries, humanity has optimized several different worlds to provide the optimal form of transmission from reality to the virtual world and back.

At the start, everything was fine, but when a group of teenagers entered the virtual world, everything changed. They were all transmitted to a single world.

It's name? Unknown

No one knew what the world was, only that it was similar to a game, where completing quests and killing monsters would make one stronger.

Soon, many tests later, it was confirmed that transmitting one's consciousness into other worlds was no longer possible and only the unknown world remained. After a while, it was confirmed that people could obtain systems and get stronger using them.

However, what shocked the whole world was the fact that those systems and the powers gained through them could be used in the real world.

This caused great unrest, and the world's leaders panicked. After testing and experimenting with countless theories, it was confirmed that the world was an alternate reality that affected the real world.

Thus, giving a start to a new era where modern technology and magic coexist, while the unknown world is given a new name, System Online.

This world known as System Online slowly grew and took over the world while humans all used it to get stronger so they could change their destiny. "

The teacher spoke as she paused the video and turned to face the class, more than half of whom were dozing off.

"Uhm, As today is the last day of school, the school will be arranging a farewell party in the evening. So don't forget to join. " The teacher spoke her words before turning the screen off and waiting for the class to end.


Not long after, the bell rang. marking the end of the class and making the teacher sigh in relief.

Meanwhile, upon hearing the bell ring, all of the students, regardless of their condition during the class, stood as if they were instructed and rushed towards the exit.

The commotion continued as students rushed home in anticipation of the event a few days later. When they all enter System Online and awaken as System users,


A few days later,

In a small two-story cottage, a young teenager woke up to the sound of an alarm.

He had an amiable smile on his face. His face had refined features with captivating dark black eyes and silky black hair, which was cut neatly. Although the young man was good-looking, his eyes seemed to have a slight coldness in them.

This young man, who was named Ray, was very happy today, as he had turned 16 and he would be able to enter the world of "system online". So that he could obtain a system and make the conditions of his family better, as he knew how much his mother had sacrificed for him and the family. He also knew that she had been saving for last year to buy a game capsule for him to log into "system online".

Although the system was free, the capsules were overpriced due to the game's popularity. Moreover, even the worst capsule would be overpriced as, no matter the capsule, it would not change the type of gameplay experience for someone.

Furthermore, while anyone could join and obtain a system at any age, it was recommended that one begin at the age of 16, as the soul would become complete and free of any impurities of life. Thus, one could obtain the best system for themselves.

Ray got up from his bed, refreshed himself, got a change of clothes, and got out of his room for breakfast. Just as he walked out of his room, he encountered his sister and mother.

His sister, who was just ten years old, handed him a birthday card and hugged him. Ray knew how much she cared for him, so he took the card and gave his sister a warm smile while hugging her back. While his mother just watched the two of them 

Afterward, the family of three went to the kitchen and proceeded with breakfast. After they had their breakfast, Ray's mother called him and his sister, who were having fun at that time.

" Ray!" his mom shouted.

Ray got up and went to see what his mother wanted. And he saw her trying to hold five different-sized boxes stacked on top of one another. As Ray reached her, she tripped and fell with the boxes on the ground. With stars in her eyes, she said, "Son, your birthday present is here, though it's in a mess." "Nothing was damaged," she chuckled.

Seeing his mother on the ground, Ray hurriedly helped her up and made her take a seat, making sure that she was alright. Afterward, he said, "Mom, you should take care of yourself and get enough rest. Why did you buy so much stuff? " Ray inquired in a worrying tone.

To this, Ray's mom said, "Son, you are 16 now and I have been saving money for some time, so I thought that I should get you the best gift I possibly could."

To this, Ray said, " Mom, don't tell me you bought all this just for the system ceremony."

Ray's mom smiled and said, "Although the house matters are going on, I have been doing some part-time jobs, so I saved some money so I could give you a good gift, and don't even complain, young man. Just be happy and accept the gift I prepared for you and let me explain what this is."

This is a setup that would allow you to safely enter "System Online." Although all capsules provide the same gameplay, this capsule helps your body recover faster and does not put a strain on your body.

As Ray heard his mother give a detailed explanation, he sighed as he knew how much his mother cared for him and how much she worked for their house. Inwardly, he promised himself to do his best and help his family out by becoming stronger.

Ray then got up and set up all of the boxes and constructed the game capsule with the help of his mother and sister. They had the time of their lives as the whole family was present together because their mother was usually always working.

Ray's mother and sister bid him good luck and left the room. After leaving the room, they closed the door so Ray could peacefully enter System Online. Ray then looked at the capsule, steeled his resolve to get stronger, and got into it.

Afterward, his vision got blurry and the world around him changed. He found himself in a vast land that stretched as far as his eyes could see.

Then, all of a sudden, a text appeared.

Welcome to "System Online."


Readers have complained that the first chapter is confusing and difficult to read. Hence, I edited it in such a way that it's fun to read.

So remember that it's an edited chapter and my way of making the novel better and listening to everyone's suggestions.

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