I am Ved. Wanna follow me.

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Good guys

Barbara slowly entered her room and went towards the drawing room. She assessed the situation of her room.

Everything was in place except her clothes were gone and instead of that, a shirt was drying in the washing machine.

She looked at the kid that was sitting on her sofa. He was wearing her clothes that she wore in the resturant.

'I haven't even washed them, are they smelling?' She thought some unnecessary things.

She silently creeped behind him and was going to attack when she heard him talk.

"Well, regarding the current situation, I am in the house of the Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon and also a member of the bat family. What's the most that can happen? Right Batfemale1, I wonder, what is the most that can happen?"

It was a male kid that caused the incident at the Wayne enterprises, she was sure that he was. It was an intuition of hers but she believed it.

Her legs were ready to leap as she was going to attack at any moment. She was staring at every movement of his with her utmost attention.

"Huh. Are you not going to reply? Waiting for reinforcement? Maybe ordered by Batman or someone else from the Batcave. Hmm interesting. Well peek-a-boo."

She heard him talk again while disappearing. Suddenly she felt as if the world turned blank.

She wanted to heavily breathe but she was having trouble with breathing. She felt as if her stomach was destroyed, her body felt hollow. Her senses went haywire and she was vomiting whatever she had eaten.

"Well~ Goodbye." He casually wrote that on a card and left.

She was lying there unable to move or utter any sounds whipe looking at his figure that was moving towards her window. On her earpiece, Alfred was trying to connect with her.

*Lady Barbara, are you okay? Lady Barbara! Master Wayne, Lady Barbara has been struck by someone in her apartment. She isn't replying.*

Let's look at the situation from another perspective.

Nearly half an hour ago.


Flash and Batman saw Ved destroying the containment facility Wall of the Wayne enterprises and then flee. Both of them immediately used the Zeta tubes to teleport to the location near the containment facility and went to see the investigate.

Batman was the world's best detective (as said by many) and Flash was a CSI.

"Should I search in the neighborhood, I can, you know, find him in a flash!" Flash quoted in his usual way.

"No need. We still don't know about the person that came out of this thing. It could be hostile and you have already seen what he is capable of. Call the others, we may need them." Batman stated.

"Well if you are saying then it must be serious. John, you already listened to it so call the others. We are going to have trouble." Flash said in a serious voice.

In the meantime, he was also looking at the containment cell and the place where the rock was placed, looking for clues.

Soon other league members started to come and he started to explain the situation to them while Batman was still looking at the empty cell.

A few minutes later, Batgirl came. Flash looked at her and then explained the situation in a few words when she asked.

A minute later, Flash saw Batgirl look at her bat-tech-something and then trying to go somewhere.

"Something happened Batgirl?" He asked Batgirl.

"Just a small problem. I am going to solve it." Barbara said to Flash and prepared to bat-swing from the containment facility.

"Need help?" Flash asked.

"Nope, it is just a small problem and I can deal with it myself." Barbara said to Flash.

He looked at her leaving figure then went to buy something to eat. In a minute, he came with a lot of food and ate it.

A few minutes later, Batman came out of the containment facility and asked Flash to check on the Batgirl as she was not answering her earpiece.

"What happened?" Flash asked Batman.

"It's probably him. Alfred heard the sound of a young kid talking to her. He had fled the apartment. I want you to check the situation of Batgirl while we are going to apprehend the kid." Batman stated.

"Why?" Flash asked in confusion.

"He is not normal. Generally, when a person finds himself in a new environment, they always try to find a way to get out, people seldom destroy the walls to get out. Even you and Superman are the same. Until necessary, you always choose to either come from a door and exit from it."

"What if he was sentient while he was in the rock or something?" Flash asked.

"He wasn't. If he was then he would have known that the walls were filled with electricity. And secondly, his reaction towards the unknown is weird. We don't know about his emotional state, nor about his nature. Even of he is kind hearted, if he has uncontrolled powers then it would be a rogue Superman and we don't need it." Batman said in a calm voice.

"Okay, I hope that he turns out to be good." Flash disappeared while saying this.

The next moment, he was standing in the apartment of Batgirl. He found her lying in a scrunched up position on the floor. The vomit and the pith from her mouth along with her deep breaths and scrunched up position all pointed that she was hit on the solar plexus and ruthlessly at that.

Flash immediately lifted her and took her to the Batcave and layed her on a bed and asked Alfred to take care of her. He immediately began to search for the perpetrator kid aka Ved in the Gotham.

He found him sitting on a bench in the Gotham Park. He stopped at a considerable distance from him and called the league members.

"Bats was right. He really isn't normal." Flash mumbled.

"Are you talking about me?" Ved asked.

"Yeah.😶 😳" Flash answered in a moment of confusion.

The moment he looked at the kid standing just a feet behind him, he immediately ran as far away as he can.

He looked behind and the kid(Ved) just went to sit on the bench and started to look at the moon.

Meanwhile, Flash went towards the League members.

"Guys, I think we should consider to talk to him first. He doesn't look like a criminal to me and he has super speed." Flash said to them.

From the short meeting that he had with Ved. Flash was able to see the clear eyes of Ved. Eyes that contained pain and elation over something.

"We will do that then. If he turns out to a danger than we will restrain him though." Batman said.

With him were Martian Manhunter, Wonder woman, Shazam and Green lantern. The others were not available at the moment.

"Trust me, I feel that he is different." Flash said to them.

Five minutes later, they were hundred metres away from Ved. They were observing him.

From a hundred metres away from them. Ved too was feeling their gazes.

"Looks like they come. Do I really have no other way except either killing them or gravely injuring them. Let's just use Sword of Justice and scare them away." Ved mumbled and then got up from the bench and looked towards the league members.

{Armament of the Ancient Rhino Ranger}

He immediately equipped the Genji's armour when he looked at the lineup of Wonder woman, Shazam and Green lantern. He was thinking that the Bat family or Green arrow or some other low level superheroes would be there to nab him.

'Why the fuck is the line-up of the Darkseid fight here to nab me?'

When the League saw Ved in his full armour, even they got on high alert and ready to fight.

A big misunderstanding brewing among them.

A misunderstanding that was broken by Flash.

"We are not here to fight!" Flash said while going near Ved except this time he never let go of the speed force and was ready to run at anytime.

"Why should I believe you? They look ready to gangbang me anytime." Ved said while he took the Genji's armour back. He knew that the people infront of him could be trusted and he had trust on his own defences.

He was being a fool but he wanted them to betray his trust. A sadistic side of him was telling him to ravage everything to the ground.

He was not sure why but he was unable to properly control his urges after coming to this world.

'maybe the child's body that I am inhabitating is affecting me somehow. I feel childish. So does my decisions.'

Ved thought while looking at Flash.

"We really aren't trying to hurt you. Trust us. We are the good guys." Flash tried to persuade.

"Okay." Ved cheerfully replied to Flash and then started them went to sit on the bench leaving a baffled Flash along with the confused league members except Batman.