Vast Sea Visualization

In a world where magic meets the mind's vast expanse, Lucas, reborn as Harry Potter, wields the power of visualization to master his emotions and wandless magic. With a tranquil sea as his mental fortress, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and magical mastery.

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84 Chs

Secret Star

Warm sunlight filtered through the tall, arched windows. It cast a golden glow over the office, where ancient tomes lined the shelves along the walls. Soft whirrs and puffs from curious instruments provided an ambient backdrop.

"A lemon drop, Harry?" Dumbledore's gentle voice made the offer as he gestured to the bowl of bright candies, a deliberate attempt to ease the boy's nerves.

Harry shook his head, the ghost of a polite smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. "No, thank you, Professor. I... I wanted to talk to you about something important."

Dumbledore nodded slowly, his long, silvery beard swaying with the motion. "Of course, of course. What troubles you, Harry?"

Harry let out a measured breath, then admitted, "I believe... there was a time when I might have been a Horcrux."

Dumbledore inhaled sharply, his eyes widening behind his half-moon spectacles at the dreadful implication. With a slight tilt of his head, he motioned for Harry to go on.

Harry tapped his head and spoke. "Years ago, I began practicing emotional control through what I now know as Occlumency. At the time, it seemed almost instinctive to me. "

He went on to describe the gradual changes he noticed in his thoughts and feelings, the way he began to view others, even his pet, as lesser beings unworthy of his regard. Dumbledore listened, his expression growing more grave with each passing moment.

"You've seen the sea within my mind, correct?" Harry's gaze met Dumbledore's. "It represents my mental state. When calm, I'm in control of my emotions. Turbulent waters represent a lack of control."

Understanding dawned in Dumbledore's eyes as he nodded. "An apt metaphor. Please, continue."

Harry nodded and continued speaking. "I grew suspicious of that perfectly tranquil sea. There were moments when disdain towards others slipped through - moments I clearly lacked full emotional control. Yet the mental sea remained glassy, without a single ripple to betray my inner turmoil."

"So, I knew that something was very wrong with me. I knew that it wasn't right. And at that point, I became determined to root through that sea for anything that could be wrong, and after meditating for multiple hours, I decided to intentionally disrupt my emotions. I specially made my emotions go out of control, and amplified them greatly. This did cause the sea to go haywire, and many ripples spread and grew into waves. But since I was paying special attention this time, I noticed that a couple of areas didn't grow waves in a natural manner."

Gauging Dumbledore's impassive expression, Harry continued.

"I knew that something must be manipulating my mind or my emotions somehow. And I intentionally disrupted my emotions even more, until I could trace the disturbance in that sea to its origin."

Dumbledore's brow furrowed slightly, but he remained silent, giving Harry the time to gather his thoughts before continuing.

"At the very centre of my mind's sea lay a twisted, pulsing mass of darkness. Suddenly, signs of its influence became glaringly obvious - as if it could no longer hide now that I'd discovered it. Tendrils spread throughout my consciousness, and I became… enraged at the violation."

Though his tone remained composed, Harry's eyes flashed with the remembered fury of having his mind violated. "Anger was foreign to me - I'd always maintained tight control over my emotions. So when that dark presence triggered such fury..." He shook his head slightly. "It was jarring, yet I knew I couldn't tolerate that violation. The thing had to go, no matter the cost."

After a brief pause to gather his thoughts, Harry met Dumbledore's gaze and continued. "In that moment, I seized control," he said, voice solemn. "I obliterated that dark mass from my mind." A beat. "The process was agonizing, but when I emerged victorious, it was like shedding a massive burden. My mind, my soul felt...liberated. And the next morning, I saw the change reflected here."

Harry lifted his hand, his index finger tracing the faint lightning bolt scar on his forehead. "Previously, the scar had been an angry, red blemish – like a fresh wound. Now, it is little more than a faint, thin line."

Realization flickered across Dumbledore's features as the significance of Harry's scar became clear. The faintness of the scar... Of course... It all makes sense now.

"At that time, I didn't know what the scar was about," Harry admitted. "But when I came to the Wizarding World, and heard of Voldemort, and how he was responsible for it... I had known that it surely was related somehow."

He sighed, his shoulders rising and falling with the motion. "When we went to the Ministry and failed to destroy Voldemort by throwing him through the Veil, I had immediately suspected that Voldemort had done something like a Horcrux. Albeit that I didn't know what it was called, and had assumed it to be something similar to a Phylactery."

"And my Parseltongue ability," Harry continued. "That skill clearly originated from Voldemort himself - the Dark Lord is infamous for conversing with serpents. As far as I have gathered, no one else in my family possessed such a rare talent."

He paused, letting the weight of his words sink in.

"All these facts combined, and my guess is that when Voldemort tried to kill me when I was a toddler, something backfired and a portion of his... soul? Must've somehow been put inside of me."

After a brief pause, Dumbledore leaned in, fingers steepled under his chin as he contemplated Harry's words. "Remarkable indeed," he murmured, fixing Harry with an intense look. "Tell me, have you experienced any lingering effects since ridding yourself of that presence? Any traces of the darkness...the rage you spoke of?"

Harry shook his head resolutely. "No, Professor. Since that day, my emotions have been my own, unburdened by any foreign influence."

Dumbledore's gaze remained fixed on Harry, seeming to scrutinize the boy for any hint of deception. Satisfied, the headmaster pressed further.

"And your Parseltongue ability? Has it remained unchanged?"

"Yes, sir," Harry replied. "I can still understand and command serpents as before."

Dumbledore stroked his beard. "Fascinating... And your scar? Has it caused you any discomfort or pain since the... removal of this presence?"

Harry's hand unconsciously rose to trace the faint lightning bolt on his forehead. "No, sir. It's been completely benign."

Dumbledore fell silent for a long moment, and his gaze was distant as he pondered the ramifications of Harry's words. At last, he spoke, shaking his head in wonder.

"Truly remarkable, Harry, that you detected and overcame such a malignant force at your age. It speaks immensely of your mental fortitude."

A brief hint of pride flickered across Harry's face before his usual composed demeanour returned.

"However," Dumbledore continued, "I must confess, I am deeply troubled by the implications of your discovery. If what you suspect is true, if a portion of Voldemort's soul did indeed latch onto you that fateful night... then the consequences could be far-reaching and grave."

He fixed Harry with a piercing stare, his blue eyes boring into the young boy's emerald gaze. "Are you certain, Harry? Absolutely certain that you have purged this... presence from your mind and soul?"

Harry met Dumbledore's gaze unflinchingly. "I cannot be one hundred percent certain, Professor. But I can say with utmost confidence that I am my own master now. That darkness, that influence, is gone from my mind."

Dumbledore nodded, and his expression was inscrutable. "Very well, Harry. I will trust your judgement for now." He paused, seeming to weigh his next words carefully. "Know that you have my deepest gratitude for bringing this to my attention. It is a burden none should have to bear, least of all one so young."

Harry's features softened, a glimmer of vulnerability peeking through his usual poise. "Thank you, Professor. I..." He hesitated, his fingers toying with the hem of his robes. "I was initially still a bit unsure about it all, to be honest. But I wanted to inform you, to make you aware of what has happened."

"You acted correctly in informing me, Harry." Dumbledore gave the boy's arm a reassuring pat. "Have no doubt, we will stay vigilant and resolve any remaining issues that may surface."

Harry nodded, the gratitude evident in his eyes. "I appreciate that, sir. I feel I can move forward now, unburdened."

Dumbledore regarded the young boy before him, amazed once more by Harry's maturity and fortitude. "Indeed, you've already overcome more than most wizards twice your age." A hint of a twinkle appeared in his eyes. "I suspect great things await you, Harry Potter."

A small, confident smile played across Harry's lips. "I intend to make the most of my gifts, Professor."

"Of that, I have no doubt." Dumbledore chuckled softly. "Well, unless there is anything else, I shan't keep you from your studies any longer."

Harry shook his head. "No, sir. That was all I wished to discuss." He rose from his seat, straightening his robes. "Thank you for your time...and your counsel."


The Astronomy Tower's ancient stone walls held the whispered secrets of countless stargazers. The crescent moon cast a pale, ghostly light across the ancient stone walls, lending an ethereal atmosphere to the circular room.

Lucas settled into one of the plush, burgundy-cushioned chairs. He sank into its velvety embrace, tilting his head back. Emerald eyes were drawn to the open arches that framed the twinkling heavens above.

The night sky was a canvas of twinkling stars, each a tiny beacon against the vast darkness. In the centre of the room, the Foucault pendulum swayed in a mesmerizing rhythm, its brass sphere reflecting the moonlight with each gentle arc.

"Welcome, everyone, to your first Astronomy lesson." Professor Sinistra's melodic voice filled the room, each word seeming to linger in the air. Draped in flowing midnight robes that gleamed in the moonlight, Professor Sinistra cut an elegant figure with graceful and fluid movements. A delicate swish of her wand brought a floating model of the solar system into existence. Planets and moons materialized, spinning in a mesmerizing dance around the sun.

"Magic and the stars are old friends," she smiled, dark eyes glittering. "They've waltzed together for centuries, influencing everything from potion-making to spell-casting."

Sinistra pointed her wand at the model's Earth. A shimmering trail of light trailed in its wake. "Take the moon, for example." The model's lunar orb cycled through its phases, growing and shrinking rhythmically. "Potions may require ingredients harvested under a particular moon phase to brew properly and spells cast beneath certain constellations can amplify in potency."

Another fluid flick of her wrist expanded the model, revealing a breathtaking web of constellations whose patterns glowed like fireflies. "The stars are also our map and our clock," Sinistra continued softly. "They guide our way when we ride the night winds on our brooms. They mark the turning of the seasons for our most sacred rituals."

"Magical creatures and plants dance to the rhythm of the stars too." Sinistra tapped her wand. The model morphed into a lush, enchanted forest. Trees swayed to an unheard celestial melody. Illustrations blossomed to life beside it, depicting fantastical beasts and flora that pulsed with starlight. A unicorn, its coat gleaming like liquid moonlight, cantered out. It left a trail of glowing hoofprints.

"The stars hold the key to many magical careers," Sinistra smiled. Her words painted pictures in the air. "Magizoologists track creatures by the constellations they favor. Herbologists plant and harvest by the lunar calendar. Even Curse-Breakers may use the stars when deciphering ancient curses in tombs."

Sinistra's enthusiasm was contagious as she began the lesson. She was determined to make the beauty of the cosmos come alive. "Let's start with our celestial neighbours." She waved her wand with a flourish and the model of the solar system burst into vibrant colour. Each planet and moon became a work of art, surfaces alive with swirling clouds and glistening rings.

"Who can name our cosmic family?" Sinistra scanned the semicircle of eager faces.

Hermione's hand shot up like a rocket. "Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune," she recited, the names flowing smoothly from her lips.

"Well done, Miss Granger," Sinistra praised warmly. "Five points to Hufflepuff. Now, let's zoom in on our own blue marble."

A flick of her wand focused the model on Earth. Its sapphire oceans and emerald continents gleamed. The pockmarked, cratered moon began its eternal dance around the planet. "Earth's faithful companion, the moon, is a powerful force in the magical world," the professor explained. Her voice hushed with awe. "Its phases are like a cosmic clock, timing everything from rituals to transformations."

She gestured to the illustrations beside the model. They sprang to life, telling tales of magic and moonlight. "Our legends are full of lunar lore. Like the story of the Mooncalves, shy creatures who only dance under the full moon's gentle gaze."

The illustration conjured a moonlit meadow. A herd of delicate, silver-furred creatures materialized. Their slender hooves left faint imprints in the dewy grass.

"Wicked," Wayne Hopkins breathed. His face was mere inches from the enchanted scene. He drank in every magical detail with wide, awestruck eyes.

"The night sky is a storybook that never ends," Sinistra smiled. "The stars are its most ancient characters."

A tap of her wand transformed the model once more. The ceiling bloomed with constellations, each one a connect-the-dots masterpiece. "The stars have been guiding travellers and inspiring stories for thousands of years," she explained, her voice filled with wonder. "They hold a special significance in the magical world."

Sinistra summoned a star chart that gleamed like polished silver. Its surface was etched with glittering lines and star symbols. "This celestial map holds the secrets of the night sky." Her finger traced the outline of a constellation. "Simply tap a pattern with your wand, and it will reveal the tale behind that starry shape."

Neville raised a tentative hand. "Can... can I try, Professor?" His voice was barely louder than the rustle of his robes.

"Of course, Mr. Longbottom," Sinistra encouraged gently.

Neville stepped forward, his wand hand trembling slightly. He tapped a constellation. The stars rearranged themselves, forming the unmistakable shape of a great bear. Its celestial form appeared to lurch across the heavens.

"Ursa Major, the Great Bear," Sinistra narrated. The constellation danced to her words. "In wizarding lore, she's the guardian of all magical creatures, a celestial mother watching over her children."

The sparkling bear seemed alive. Her star-studded fur rippled as she prowled the heavens, leaving trails of cosmic dust.

"Brilliant," Justin whispered. His eyes tried to absorb the magic, especially since his Muggle upbringing made each enchantment feel miraculous.

"Now, it's your turn to explore," Sinistra grinned, and her eyes twinkled like stars.

A wave of her wand conjured a miniature observatory in the corner. Brass telescopes gleamed in the moonlight, inviting the students to discover the night sky's secrets.

"Pair up and take a peek at the cosmos," she encouraged. Her voice mixed challenge and invitation. "See if you can spot any of our celestial friends."

The room buzzed with excitement as students scurried to the telescopes, robes swishing against the black walnut floorboards. Lucas found himself shoulder to shoulder with Hermione. Her bushy hair tickled his cheek as she pressed her eye to the eyepiece, practically quivering with anticipation.

"Isn't it magnificent?" she breathed in a hushed, wondrous voice as though speaking too loudly might frighten the stars away.

Lucas grinned at her enthusiasm, feeling it wash over him warmly. He took his turn at the enchanted telescope, and the night sky rushed to meet him. Saturn's rings appeared close enough to touch, frozen in an eternal dance. The moon's cratered surface was also clearly visible through the telescope. Each crater could be seen in great detail, and for a moment he wondered if the American flag could be seen through such an enchanted device.

The lesson slowly wound down, and Sinistra left them with a final thought. Her voice was a whisper that echoed in the starlit room. "The sky is always changing. Every time you look up, you might find a new wonder."

With a final wave of her wand, the enchanted models and illustrations faded like mist.