Vast Sea Visualization

In a world where magic meets the mind's vast expanse, Lucas, reborn as Harry Potter, wields the power of visualization to master his emotions and wandless magic. With a tranquil sea as his mental fortress, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and magical mastery.

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84 Chs

First Blood

The moon hung low in the inky sky, its pale light casting long shadows across the deserted park. Lucas stood in the center of a small clearing, his emerald eyes focused on the swirling tendrils of frost and flame that danced around his outstretched hands. The air crackled with energy as he manipulated the elements, weaving them together in a mesmerizing display of power and control.

Frost and fire, two opposing forces, he mused, his brow furrowed in concentration. But if I can find a way to combine them, to create something new...

He closed his eyes, delving deep into his vast sea visualization. In his mind's eye, he saw the icy waters and the scorching flames, separated by a translucent, semi-permeable barrier. He pushed the barrier, molding it, shaping it, until it formed a swirling vortex, a nexus where the two elements could meet and merge.

With a sharp intake of breath, Lucas opened his eyes, his hands now wreathed in a pulsing, blue-white light. Frostfire, he thought, the corners of his mouth lifting slightly. A new weapon in my arsenal.

He took aim at a nearby tree, his fingers flexing as he prepared to unleash the spell. But before he could release the energy, a sudden movement caught his eye. A dark shape, hurtling towards him from the shadows.

Lucas reacted on instinct, rolling to the side as a blast of searing heat scorched the earth where he had been standing moments before. He came up in a crouch, his eyes narrowing as he took in the creature that had attacked him.

It was a beast unlike any he had ever seen, its body a twisted mass of scales and fur, its eyes glowing with a feral, orange light. It moved with a predatory grace, its muscles rippling beneath its mottled hide as it circled him, its jaws parted in a snarl.

A magical creature, Lucas realized, his heart pounding in his chest. But what is it doing here, in the middle of a Muggle park?

He didn't have time to ponder the question as the beast lunged at him again, its claws outstretched, its maw gaping wide. Lucas thrust out his hand, his mind reaching out to seize the creature with his telekinesis. But to his surprise, the beast shrugged off the invisible grip, its body shimmering with a faint, golden aura.

Magical resistance, Lucas thought, gritting his teeth as he rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding the creature's snapping jaws. Of course it wouldn't be that easy.

He shifted his stance, his hands now wreathed in frost and flame. With a flick of his wrist, he hurled a volley of frostballs and fireballs at the creature, the icy projectiles shattering against its hide, the fiery orbs sizzling as they made contact. The beast roared in pain and anger, but it didn't slow its advance.

Lucas scanned his surroundings, his mind working quickly. He spotted a large wooden bench nearby and, with a surge of telekinetic force, wrenched it from the ground. As the beast leaped at him again, he thrust the bench forward, using it as a shield. The creature's jaws clamped down on the sturdy wood, splinters flying as it tore at the improvised barrier.

I need to slow it down, Lucas thought, his eyes darting to the beast's legs. He reached out with his magic, grabbing a handful of rocks from the ground and hurling them at the creature's limbs. The stones struck true, causing the beast to stumble and howl in frustration.

Seizing the opportunity, Lucas thrust his hands forward, a bolt of blue-white frostfire leaping from his fingertips. But the beast was quicker than he anticipated, twisting its body to avoid the brunt of the attack. The frostfire bolt grazed its flank, leaving a smoldering, frost-rimmed wound, but it wasn't enough to stop the creature's advance.

Damn it, Lucas cursed inwardly, his jaw clenching as he dodged another swipe of the beast's claws. I need a clear shot, but it's too fast.

He retreated, his back pressing against the rough bark of a tree. The beast stalked towards him, its eyes glowing with feral hunger. Lucas's gaze fell on the swirling vortex of frostfire that still hovered around his hands, and a plan began to form in his mind.

With a burst of telekinetic force, he launched himself into the air, using the tree as a springboard. The beast lunged after him, its jaws snapping at his heels. But Lucas was already twisting in midair, his hands outstretched, his eyes locked on his target.

He unleashed a barrage of frostfire bolts, the blue-white energy streaking towards the beast like a hail of icy comets. The first bolt missed, sizzling past the creature's ear, but the second and third found their mark, striking the beast in the chest and shoulder.

The creature howled in agony, its body convulsing as the frostfire ate away at its flesh. It staggered, its movements growing sluggish, its eyes glazing over with pain. Lucas landed in a crouch, his hands still wreathed in swirling energy, ready to strike again if needed.

But the beast was finished. With a final, shuddering gasp, it collapsed to the ground, its body twitching as the last vestiges of life drained away. Lucas approached cautiously, his senses on high alert, but the creature lay still, its eyes staring sightlessly at the star-strewn sky.

Lucas stood over the fallen beast, his emerald eyes glinting in the moonlight as he examined the corpse. This is just the beginning, he thought, his fingers twitching slightly at his sides. If there are more creatures like this out there, I need to be ready.

With a flick of his wrist, he cast an invisibility spell over himself and the corpse, the veil of magic settling over them like a second skin. Recognizing his physical limitations, Lucas used his telekinesis to gently levitate the creature's body onto the remnants of the almost entirely broken wooden bench, a casualty of their fierce battle. This would not only serve as a makeshift sled to transport the heavy load but also neatly solve the problem of the damaged bench raising suspicions among the park's daytime visitors. With the beast securely in place, Lucas concentrated, guiding the bench behind him as he made his way back home, invisible to any late-night onlookers.

As he walked, Nyx slithered out from the shadows, her scales glistening in the moonlight as she approached Lucas. She flicked her tongue, tasting the air, her eyes honing in on the invisible load trailing behind him.

"What have you brought, Speaker?" she hissed, her voice tinged with curiosity.

Lucas glanced down at his companion, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "A magical creature, Nyx. One that put up quite a fight."

Nyx coiled around his ankle, her smooth scales brushing against his skin as she climbed up his leg, settling herself around his shoulders. "I can smell the blood," she said, her tongue flicking out to taste the air once more. "You are unharmed?"

"I'm fine," Lucas replied, his tone even as he continued walking, his eyes fixed on the path ahead. "The creature, however, was not so fortunate."

Nyx hissed softly, her head bobbing in understanding. She couldn't sense the magic that Lucas wielded, but she had seen the results of his power often enough to know that he was not to be trifled with. As they made their way through the quiet streets, the only sound the soft rustling of leaves in the night breeze, Lucas's mind was already at work, planning his next steps, his next move in the grand game of power and knowledge that he had set himself to master.


The night air hung still and silent as Lucas approached his home, the lifeless body of the magical beast floating invisibly behind him on the remnants of the wooden bench. His mind turned over the possibilities that lay ahead, the secrets that could be unraveled through careful study of this extraordinary creature.

In the backyard, Lucas set to work, his telekinesis making quick work of the earth as he excavated two deep holes. With a flick of his wrist, he lowered the beast's corpse into one, the soil enveloping it like a hungry maw. The shattered bench followed suit, disappearing into the second pit. A few moments of concentration saw the disturbed ground smoothed over, erasing all traces of his nocturnal activities.

But his work was far from done. Lucas strode out to the street, still cloaked in invisibility, his steps measured and purposeful as he made his way through the slumbering neighborhood. At last, he came to a house that suited his needs, far enough from prying eyes. A subtle twist of magic saw the lock click open, granting him entry.

The kitchen was a treasure trove of tools, and Lucas wasted no time in gathering what he required. Containers, bottles, and gleaming knives floated through the air, vanishing from sight as he extended his invisibility to encompass them. With his pilfered supplies in tow, he slipped back out into the night, the door locking itself securely behind him.

Back in the sanctuary of his backyard, Lucas unearthed the beast once more, laying its lifeless form out on a patch of grass shielded from view. He knelt beside it, his emerald eyes focused and unwavering as he selected a knife from his floating arsenal.

His arms, still those of a child, lacked the strength to pierce the beast's hide unaided. But his telekinesis more than compensated, driving the blade through fur and flesh with surgical precision. Blood welled up, dark and viscous, as he began to methodically harvest the creature's components.

Fur was carefully shaved and stored, the coarse strands holding untold potential for enchantments and potions. Swathes of hide were peeled away, destined for future experimentation. Organs, glistening in the moonlight, were excised with delicate care, each one a mystery waiting to be unraveled.

Through it all, Lucas remained focused, his movements precise and efficient. This was not a task for the faint of heart, but he had long since steeled himself against such qualms. The pursuit of knowledge, of power, demanded sacrifices. And he was more than willing to make them.

As the night wore on, the containers and bottles slowly filled, a macabre collection of biological treasures. Lucas worked with meticulous care, ensuring that nothing went to waste, that every scrap of the beast was preserved for future study.

At last, as the first hints of dawn began to paint the eastern sky, he straightened up, surveying his handiwork with a critical eye. The beast lay in pieces, its secrets laid bare, ready to be unlocked. A wave of his hand sent the containers floating into the house, to be hidden away until the time was right.

With that, he turned and strode back into the house, his mind already turning over the experiments to come, the discoveries that awaited.


The first rays of dawn filtered through the small window of Lucas's room, casting a soft glow on the sleeping boy's face. Nyx, coiled comfortably on his chest, stirred as the light touched her scales. Her forked tongue flicked out, tasting the air, as she lifted her head to observe her surroundings.

Lucas's eyes fluttered open, the remnants of sleep quickly fading as he registered the weight of Nyx on his chest. He sat up slowly, cradling the snake in his hands.

"Good morning, Nyx," he greeted in Parseltongue, his voice calm and even.

"Good morning, Speaker," Nyx replied, her tongue flickering. "Are you ready for your day at the school with the older children?"

"Yes, I believe I am," Lucas said, slipping out of bed and padding over to his closet to select his clothes for the day. The crisp uniform of The Perse Prep School hung neatly, a stark contrast to the dark, blood-stained garments he had worn the night before when he encountered the magical creature.

As he dressed, Lucas's thoughts turned to the events of the previous night. The thrill of discovery, of pushing the boundaries of magical knowledge, hummed beneath his skin. But he tempered it with caution, with the understanding that each step forward carried its own risks.

"Nyx, you will remain invisible at all times while we are outside," he reminded her as he buttoned his shirt. "We cannot risk drawing unwanted attention."

Nyx bobbed her head in agreement. "Of course, Speaker. I will not be seen."

With that settled, Lucas finished dressing and made his way downstairs, Nyx draped invisibly around his shoulders. The aroma of breakfast wafted through the house, and he found Petunia in the kitchen, bustling about the stove.

"Good morning, Aunt Petunia," he greeted, his voice polite and measured.

Petunia startled slightly, still not quite used to her nephew's uncanny maturity. "Good morning, Harry," she replied, her tone a mix of wariness and grudging respect. "Breakfast will be ready soon."

Lucas nodded, his expression neutral as he took his seat at the kitchen table. The aroma of eggs and bacon filled the air, mingling with the faint scent of coffee that wafted from Vernon's mug. Dudley, already seated, eyed Lucas warily, his pudgy fingers tightening around his fork.

"I trust you slept well, Harry?" Vernon asked, his tone gruff but not unkind. The events of the past year had softened his attitude towards his nephew, a grudging respect replacing the former disdain.

"Quite well, thank you, Uncle Vernon," Lucas replied, his voice polite as he accepted a plate of food from Petunia. He could sense the undercurrent of unease that still lingered in their thoughts, the faint traces of fear that his unnatural maturity and intelligence evoked.

They may never fully understand me, he mused, taking a measured bite of his eggs. But as long as they do not interfere, their discomfort is irrelevant.

The meal passed in relative silence, punctuated only by the clink of cutlery and the occasional grunt from Vernon as he perused the morning paper. As Lucas finished his breakfast, he glanced at the clock, noting the time.

As the Dursleys finished their breakfast, Petunia rose from her seat, her movements brisk and efficient. "Come along, boys," she said, her voice carrying a note of authority. "It's time to leave for school."

Lucas and Dudley followed her out to the sleek, black car that gleamed in the driveway, a symbol of the family's newfound wealth and status. As they slid into the back seat, Lucas couldn't help but shake his head at the contrast between this vehicle and the old, cheap car the Dursleys had owned in the months prior.

A sign of the changing times, he mused, his fingers absently stroking Nyx's invisible scales. And a reminder of the power that knowledge can bring.

The drive to Dudley's school was short, the car gliding smoothly through the well-manicured streets of Cambridge. As they pulled up to the front gates, Dudley clambered out, his face set in a sullen expression.

"Behave yourself today, Dudley," Petunia called after him, her voice carrying a hint of worry. "Remember what we talked about."

Dudley merely grunted in response, his shoulders hunched as he trudged towards the school building. Lucas watched him go, his emerald eyes thoughtful.

He is struggling with his emotions, he noted, perhaps the magic is being exhausted in the enchanted blood. I might be able to use the magical beast's blood to replace the old blood instead of my own. It would be a nice experiment.

As Petunia pulled away from the curb, Lucas settled back in his seat, his mind already turning to the day ahead. The Perse Prep School loomed in the distance, its stately brick facade a stark contrast to the more modest buildings that surrounded it.

As they approached the school gates, Lucas could feel the weight of Nyx's presence around his shoulders, the snake's invisible coils a comforting pressure against his skin.

"Remember," he murmured, his voice barely audible over the hum of the car's engine, "you must remain hidden at all times. We cannot afford to draw unwanted attention."

Nyx hissed her agreement, her forked tongue flickering out to taste the air. "I will be as silent as the shadows, Speaker," she promised, her voice a sibilant whisper in his ear.

The car rolled to a stop, and Lucas stepped out, his movements graceful and assured. He could feel the eyes of the other students on him as he strode towards the school entrance, their gazes a mix of curiosity and awe.

The morning sun cast a warm glow over the bustling halls of The Perse Prep School as Lucas strode through the doors, his emerald eyes taking in the sea of unfamiliar faces. Nyx, invisible to all but him, coiled around his shoulders, her forked tongue flicking out to taste the air.

He navigated the corridors with a confidence that belied his age, his steps purposeful as he made his way to his new classroom. The Year 3 students, most a full five years his senior, eyed him with curiosity as he entered, their whispers filling the air.

"That's him, isn't it? The boy genius from the news?"

"I heard he's already smarter than most adults!"

"Do you think he'll even need to pay attention in class?"

Lucas allowed himself a small, enigmatic smile as he took his seat, the whispers washing over him like a gentle tide. He could feel the weight of their gazes, the unspoken questions hanging in the air. But he remained calm, his expression one of polite interest as the teacher called the class to order.

As the lesson began, Lucas found himself slipping easily into the role of the attentive student, his hand rising to answer questions with a clarity and insight that left his classmates stunned. But even as he participated, his mind was working on multiple levels, his Legilimency probing the surface thoughts of those around him.

He could sense the flickers of envy from some, the grudging admiration from others. But beneath it all, there was a current of fascination, a desire to understand the enigma that was Harry Potter. And Lucas knew, with a cold certainty, that he could use that fascination to his advantage.

During a lull in the lesson, a girl with curly brown hair leaned over, her hazel eyes sparkling with curiosity. "How do you do it, Harry?" she asked, her voice low. "How do you understand things so quickly?"

Lucas met her gaze, his smile warm and disarming. "It's a matter of perspective, really," he replied, his tone conspiratorial. "When you learn to look at things from different angles, to question what you think you know... that's when true understanding begins."

The girl nodded, her expression thoughtful. "I never thought of it that way before."

"Most people don't," Lucas said, his voice taking on a note of gentle encouragement. "But you strike me as someone who could, if you wanted to."

He could see the effect his words had on her, the way her thoughts brightened with pride and determination. It was a small thing, a subtle manipulation, but Lucas knew that such small things could add up over time, could shape the way others perceived him.

As the lesson continued, Nyx remained a silent, invisible presence, her coils tightening around Lucas's shoulders whenever a particularly interesting bit of information was shared. He could sense her thirst for knowledge, her desire to understand the world he inhabited.

"Speaker," she whispered during a quiet moment, "why do they not teach of magic here? Is it forbidden?"

Lucas shook his head minutely, his voice a barely audible hiss. "No, Nyx. Magic is hidden from the Muggle world, remember? They do not know it exists."

"But you could teach them, couldn't you?" Nyx pressed, her tone questioning. "You could show them the wonders of what you can do."

"Perhaps," Lucas murmured, his eyes distant. "But there are risks to such revelations, Nyx. Risks that I do not wish to take."

The rest of the day passed in a blur of new faces and childish coursework, Lucas navigating it all with a deft touch and a charismatic air. By the time the final bell rang, he had already begun to establish himself as a figure of note among his peers, his reputation growing with each passing hour.

As he stepped out into the warm afternoon sun, Nyx still draped around his shoulders, Lucas allowed himself a moment of quiet satisfaction. It was a small step, but an important one. A foundation upon which he could build, and quickly progress through Prep school.

"You did well today, Speaker," Nyx hissed, her tone approving. "I could feel the way they were drawn to you, the way they listened to your words."

Lucas smiled, his hand reaching up to stroke her scales. "It's a delicate dance, Nyx," he replied, his voice low. "One that requires patience, and precision. But in the end, it will be worth it."

He turned his gaze to the horizon, his emerald eyes glinting with a cold, calculated determination. Power. Knowledge. Control. These were the things that drove him, the forces that shaped his every action.