Vampire Prince's Dancer

Author: Bella Gold
Fantasy Romance
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What is Vampire Prince's Dancer

Read Vampire Prince's Dancer novel written by the author Bella Gold on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, mystery, vampire, historical, forbiddenlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


She gasped as he bit her neck, and pushed him away from her. But he didn’t budge despite her efforts, and stayed nestled in her neck as he breathed her in. “Ask it of me,” he told her softly, and she looked down at him, confused. “What do you mean?” she asked. He whispered again, “Ask me to protect you, and I will.” *** Gisella is a poor girl who dances for a troupe of travelling performers, wandering from kingdom to kingdom. They have come to Farrador just to perform for the king, and then leave. But everything changes when Gisella meets Ryre. The attraction between them is instant and powerful. But Ryre is no ordinary prince—he is sanguine, a creature of the night, and a dangerous and powerful man with enemies all around him. Soon Gisella’s whole troop is caught in the court’s web of conspiracies and secrets. Can the love she shares with Ryre make it into the day’s light? Vampire Prince's Dancer is created by Bella Gold, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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宋欢和林嘉愿分手三年后,意外重逢,重逢后的两人虽然心怀对方,但是都不愿提起往事,更不愿意拉下面子说一句求和的话。 而重逢的两人各有各的烦恼,宋欢的现任男友劈腿女秘书,宋欢不痛不痒向现任男友提出分手。 宋欢和林嘉愿多次在医院相遇,闹出了许多麻烦,矛盾多次升级。 林嘉愿:我们之间不是一个爱字就能说清楚的! 宋欢:我知道我还是爱着他的,但是我们没办法不去提起往事,因为是过不去的坎! ………… 两人又失去联系,朋友们听说两人之间的故事,却有心无力。 一年后,林嘉愿父母着急抱孙子,作闹让林嘉愿相亲结婚。林嘉愿最终向父母妥协,多次相亲没有结果。 偶有一次,遇见以前的朋友与宋欢在一起。又再一次心动,这次朋友们倾力帮忙,制造两人相处机会:在朋友聚会中,宋欢意外醉酒,两人终于解开了多年的误会。 林嘉愿:原来我们都以为自己爱对方,胜过爱自己。其实,这只不过是自私的借口罢了! 宋欢:原来我们都曾为了对方着想,而伤害对方! ………… 此后,林嘉愿洁身自好,并且霸气官宣,打发了宋欢身边所有对其蠢蠢欲动的烂桃花。 林嘉愿:此后,你永远都是我的最佳首选! 宋欢:此后,我永远爱你如初,待你以诚!

林嘉愿 · General
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77 Chs
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