7 Chapter 7: First Day In Eruvia!

Lucian took a deep breath, suddenly realising this was very important to this woman, no longer playing around and looking at her with a straight face.

'It wasn't a lie that I found her extremely beautiful; let's take responsibility for my loose words.'

His hand reached out, and thanks to their connection, he could faintly feel her emotions, like a slight hint of what she would like or enjoy, softly stroking her cheek as they smushed in his rough hand.

"Mmmm, it feels good, so warm and strong!" Marina murmured, feeling his palm.

Honestly, he became engrossed in her silky smooth skin, unable to see the blushing spider as he wrapped his other arm around her shoulder, pulling her into a tight hug.

Lucian realised he was yet to pay for them and started touching the merchandise in very inappropriate ways, so he shouted back to Earl to inform him of his choice.

"Earl, I will pay whatever it takes to own them both as my slaves, don't give her sister a strict contract; if they don't wish to do certain things, allow it, as long as they don't harm me or my interests."

Earl nodded, about to speak and offer "special" terms to the contract seeing his lower body brushing against the aroused Arachne princess, but was interrupted.

"I don't wish for them to be bound by any "special" or forced sexual orders, make those kinds of things entirely their own free will, they are free to roam within my mansions area and any territory I rule over, and they will serve as my maids in the future."

Lucian shook his head at the stunned Earl, tossing a sack of golden coins that jingled through the air before slamming into his flabby stomach as Earl quickly grabbed the purse.

This world didn't have a currency like his old world, which was a credit-style system.

100 bronze coins = 1 Silver coin

100 Silver coins = 1 Gold coin

100 Gold coins = 1 Platinum coin.

A commoner's daily cost of living was around 10 copper to 2 silver, depending on their size and how lavishly they wished to live.

'Earl seems trustworthy; if not, I am just a sad fool; he won't overcharge a possible future customer.'

With the disturbance gone, he turned back to Marina, and a wet sensation began to slide along his fingers that stroked her cheek as Marina began to sniffle with teary eyes.

Lucian thought. 'Why is she crying? Did I make her sad?'

He remembered many of his sex friends telling him that apart from sex, he was a selfish, deranged, deluded lunatic with no sense of reality, so he had little confidence in his emotional understanding of others.

Since he pulled a blank, his hand began to stroke her soft black hair, gently massaging her scalp as his mother did for him as a child.

"Are those conditions fine for you both? I didn't want to be too harsh."

Marina gave a slight nod, her sniffling nose brushing against his arm as her cheeks nuzzled against his muscular forearm.

Alice swayed her body, a giant smile watching her sister's delight as a soft webbing formed a cute pattern from Marina's rear out of Lucian's sight.

'Sister is thrilled....'

Lucian wasn't a hypocrite, though, and wanted to sleep with both of them; who wouldn't? He knew these weren't some cheap tavern sluts, or bar whores that could drink a few cocktails then swallow his load in the back of a cab home.

Although sometimes a fierce, violent shag felt terrific, wouldn't it be more interesting to slowly charm these strange inhuman creatures and make them crazy about him? They must feel very different from human women.

'Let's take it slow, especially with this beautiful woman that stops those voices in my mind.'

Another reason he must have Marina was whenever she was close to him, the voices that spoke about chaotic things told him to do this or that, called him "the lord of dusk," had become silent.

Alice watched Lucian, who began to pet her sister with a gentle smile, nothing like the men she was used to seeing in here, his actions were kind for sure, yet she felt a twang of jealousy for the first time since growing up and being pampered, a man was crazy about her sister.

'I don't like it! What about me is not to his liking!?' Alice thought, stomping her little foot on the soft webbing below her. So, she decided to take out her frustration on him.

"Are you an idiot giving us so much freedom?" Alice asked, with her soft but mocking tone.

Lucian finally noticed her properly, too engrossed in the thick Marina and her soft, squishy body to care, turned his head to look at her, and took a tiny breath of air.

She was stunning; he could see why humans found her so appealing; unlike her sister Marina who was a part spider and human mixed, Alice was a pure human girl with soft skin, cute little eyes, and only a few little white spider legs coming from her back, which added to her charms.

"Of course, I only need you to help clean my mansion and maybe the occasional meal, but if you are willing, we can sometimes hunt together in the nearby forest together."

Marina felt joy; she imagined hunting with her handsome new master and future husband because, unlike Alice, she loved fighting, especially against monsters.

Alice was lazy, spending most of her time reading in a room, before both girls began to give a quick nod, just in case he suddenly changed his mind with such beautiful terms.

Lucian saw everything was good and grasped Marina's front spider leg, which caused her to shudder, gently stroking his fingers over the slightly soft tip like a little bud. He thought it would be sharper, as they seemed to be fangs at first.

'Ah!? My front legs.... in broad daylight, mmm....' Marina thought as she let out a sexy whimper.

Alice slowly moved behind Lucian, leaning close to his ear, her warm milky breath blowing down her neck, and opened her lips.

"Dear master, those legs are an extremely sensitive part of an Arachne, their nerves are linked to our clitoris, so if you don't want my sister to squirt her webbing on your face, maybe you should grab her hand like normal?"

Lucian gave an awkward laugh to her words, stroking the soft spongy texture a little more, enjoying the giant black spider's body shuddering, before he released her; a moment later, she lifted her head, now with bloodshot eyes and looked at him with eight eyes, like a predator.

'It felt nice to touch though...' he thought.

Marina, now breathing intensely, used her entire mind to hold back her raging fire of lust before Lucian grasped both of the sister's hands and helped guide them towards the exit, two soft tapping sounds as the women skittered behind him.

It didn't take long to return to the average area; Marina and Alice were forced to walk along the walls of the spiral stairway as it was too narrow for them; once he reached the top of the stairs, he found a heavy breathing Earl who greeted him with the pouch still filled with gold coins.

"Lord Silver, we have calculated the fee of both girls to be a total of 140 coins because of their high value. Is this a fair price? Earl spoke, his lips trembling and hoping for a reasonable response.

Many younger nobles didn't understand the fee was for life, not just a temporary wage; thus, they sometimes got angry when their "cheap" slave cost more than they imagined.

Lucian didn't think there was a problem, the games system did have a purchase system and were just as expensive, so it felt very fair to him. He could get two high-class beauties that could never betray him for a few gold coins; why wouldn't he be happy with this?

"Then I would like it if you would use some of the gold to buy them a suitable maid outfit that is comfortable and easy to use for ladies with such a wonderful figure," Lucian said with a quiet voice, his words causing Alice to feel excited.

"For their humanoid forms, or....?"

"Both, but focus on their Arachne form, it's the most beautiful."


Lucian didn't care for the tedious details, just checking the contract and signing it before letting the girls run off to get fitted and new clothes made.

He began to look for a specific slave, a young lizard woman who would eventually become a fearless commander and lord under the command of Lance.

However, he didn't care bout the game much; this woman was too beautiful and talented to give to another man.

'I must have her!'

"Earl, I believe you have another girl, but she isn't quite ready for sale, a lizard woman with a strange curse on her arms; it would turn people into pools of flesh if they touched her."

"Oh.... you mean...."

"Yes, I want to purchase Emura, are the coins remaining enough for that?"

The plump blonde slaver merchant took several moments to think before he smiled and nodded to Lucian as the two girls returned with more than five everyday outfits and some daily life garments and clothes that a male like Lucian had forgotten.

"I can indeed; today is far too soon, but how about tomorrow or the day after you are free to come to collect her? It was a pleasure to do business with you, Lord Silver."

"Please, call me Lucian!"

Lucian shook Earl's hand before turning to the girl with a warm smile; in their black and white maid outfits, he almost pushed them down to the sofa on the spot and had his way with them both at once.

Slowly we left the store, now mid-afternoon and almost evening.

Many people would whisper insults about Lucian and his two cute maids. However, he didn't care for other people's thoughts and only considered his own.

For now, he gained two maids and hoped they would take care of his mansion and slowly build affection towards him; finally, he could sleep with them both and enjoy the warm, sticky copulation of an Arachne.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at his mansion; Carmilla seemed to be training with her grandmother, so that was helpful; it was most likely tonight when she learned of her mother's death, and Lucian knew it was vital to wait for her to visit his room tonight.

'I either lose her forever or make her my prisoner tonight.' he thought.

The moment they arrived, both Arachne began to dash into the garden, playing with the trees as they frolicked together; suddenly, the glossy rabbit seemed to have vanished before appearing near the two Arachne.

"Ah, how adorable they are going to be friends.... Wait, girls! Stop... Don't kill each other!"

His first day ended watching two spiders fighting a single black rabbit who used her petite body and powerful earth magic to beat them single-handedly.

Lucian entered the mansion, tired, seeing the glossy rabbit hopping on their defeated bodies.

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