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Vampir Lord: Erotic RPG


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[Rewriting Free Chapter's Progress: 12/49] A boy devastated by the loss of his family turned to games to fill the void. The game he chose was a Virtual Reality Role Playing Game where you could seduce and have passionate erotic scene's with the heroines, as it was rated 18+ On his first day before playing the game, he chose to use a preset of a character with a similar name to his, "Lucian Von Silver," a vampire baron but a sub-villain in the game's standard route, only surviving properly. However, this route would see him lose his beloved childhood friend because of his useless talent and playboy lifestyle. When choosing this, Lucian thought nothing could go wrong with making a custom avatar that looked like the perfect mix of the two. When he entered the game, a strange figure appeared above his home, apologising as lightning struck down on his house. Lucian was electrocuted inside his VR pod and died without starting the game. Yet this was unknown to Lucian, who awakened in a luxurious nobles' room. Slightly confused, he decided to keep playing, only to discover he now inhabited the body of the actual baron, "Lucian Von Silver!" But this was not the game, but a real world that the game was based on. He began to feel dread at the thought of the future until he gained the system that would guide him. "The Seduction System" This was the first step in his becoming one of the most lustful and powerful vampires in the entire universe. ———— NO NTR NO YURI ————