Urban Superpower: Starting From Mastering All Elements Book

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Urban Superpower: Starting From Mastering All Elements

Demon Hunter

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Xu Tianzhi traveled to a parallel world and found that the Earth had long been mutated. Humans awakened all kinds of superpowers, among which the elemental superpowers were the most typical. His own talent was the F-level water system. He thought he could only work as a sanitation worker and exist as a sprinkler. However, he discovered that he could draw the water element by swimming, from F to SSS level. As long as he cooked, he could draw the fire element. As long as he planted trees, he could draw the wood element. Thus, wind, fire, water, earth, wood, gold, thunder, ice, light, and darkness... Xu Tianzhi rose from the bottom and cultivated all ten systems together! Until he awakened his space ability and time ability. He led hundreds of millions of soldiers and horses, conquered the starry sea, and became a legend above all beings.


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