Chapter 73 Who is more powerful, you or the dog_1

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"How come Mommy's legs still haven't healed?" Tongtong asked Xu Fan with a bit of surprise. Tongtong was Xu Fan's number one little fangirl, and she had absolute confidence in Xu Fan, so she was quite astonished to see Xu Yixue still limping.

"Your mom can't get over the psychological pressure of the injury on her foot, so she's afraid to put force on it, that's why she's walking like that. Don't worry, I'll help her overcome it." Xu Fan affectionately tousled Tongtong's little head and said confidently.

Looking at Xu Yixue's continued reluctance to put weight on her foot, Xu Fan pointed at her and shouted at Ben Ben, "Ben Ben, bite her!"

However, in his Divine Sense, Xu Fan also instructed Ben Ben not to actually bite.

Xu Yixue, who was in the midst of testing her foot, could never have anticipated that Xu Fan, that villain, would command the dog to pounce on her viciously with a single order.