Chapter 59: Teaching You the Kylin Cultivation Method_1

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"HA·T6666, what an awesome license plate!" exclaimed the young security guard in front of the car.

As the gate rose with the guard's remote control, Xu Fan rolled up the window and drove straight to his parking spot at home.

After parking the car, Xu Fan picked up Tongtong and gently blew a whistle, prompting Ben Ben, who had been sulking on the rear floor, to perk up and hop out of the car, following Xu Fan on three legs.

Unlocking the door, entering, and removing Tongtong's little shoes, Xu Fan slipped her into her own tiny slippers, after which she bounced off towards Ben Ben.

"Tongtong, don't play with Ben Ben just yet," Xu Fan reached out and grabbed the collar of Tongtong's little coat.

Although Tongtong was still flailing with her arms and legs, Xu Fan was holding her up, preventing her from reaching Ben Ben.