Chapter 24 Barley Fashion Show_1

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"Is there any other artist from Xinghai that hasn't come to audition?" Li Lidong turned towards Xu Yixue and asked.

"Xiao Ning, go to my office and bring the clothes and jewelry I bought on Champs-Elysées Street in Paris last time to the photo studio," Xu Yixue ordered, turning her head to Ye Xiaoning.

"Okay, President Xu," Ye Xiaoning nodded and turned to leave the reception room.

Last time in Paris, the capital of fashion, Xu Yixue had indeed purchased several of the latest fashion ensembles.

"President Xu, just changing clothes won't alter one's temperament. If you are thinking about having Xu Xinxin change and audition again, I think we should forget it," Li Lidong said to Xu Yixue, looking disappointed.

"Director Li, rest assured, I will surely give you a satisfactory answer this time. Let's meet in the studio in five minutes," Xu Yixue said to Li Lidong with a mysterious smile, walking out in her high heels with an elegant sway.