Chapter 10 Where Did Daddy Go_1

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Unknowingly, the sun had already climbed up the sky.

Immersed in the second realm of cultivation, Xu Fan kept drawing in nature's spiritual energy into his body, oblivious to the passing of time.

Suddenly, a wail of "wah wah" came from next door, waking Xu Fan from his cultivation.

"Tongtong!" Xu Fan's eyes snapped open, and he immediately flashed out the door.

Just as he was about to open Tongtong's door, Xu Fan realized he was still naked, so in the blink of an eye, he threw on some clothes from his wardrobe before rushing into Tongtong's bedroom.

And all this, took less than three seconds in total.

As he pushed the door open with a bang, Xu Fan saw Tongtong hugging a blanket, her little face tear-stained and a picture of heartbreaking grievance.

"Daddy... there's an insect, a big insect! Tongtong is so scared..." Tongtong whimpered through her tears, sobbing her complaint at Xu Fan.

"An insect? Let me pinch it to death." Xu Fan placed his fingers on his temples, releasing his Divine Sense, instantly enveloping the entire room.

Under Xu Fan's Divine Sense scan, not to mention an insect, even an ant could not escape his Divine Sense detection.

However, Xu Fan scanned three times, and the whole room was indeed so clean that not even an ant was present, let alone the insect Tongtong spoke of.

"Tongtong? Tell Daddy where you saw the insect," Xu Fan held Tongtong's flailing little hand and gently wiped the tears from his precious daughter's face.

"Daddy, it was in a dream, there was a big insect in the dream that wanted to bite me." Tongtong pouted, her little feet kicking wildly as if trying to squash that insect from her dream.

"Uh oh, the insect from the dream..." Xu Fan was at a loss for words as he gently picked up Tongtong.

"Tongtong, don't be afraid, that was just a dream. If a real insect comes along, Daddy will definitely pinch it into a dried insect and put it in the pages of a book as a specimen."

"Daddy is so nice, Tongtong wants to make lots of specimens, Tongtong has a lot of storybooks." Tongtong snuggled into Xu Fan's chest, stopped crying, and quickly began to smile happily again.

A child's heart, at the mention of something fun, forgets fear in the blink of an eye.

"Daddy, Tongtong wants a kiss." The little girl shook her cherubic little face and began to pout in front of Xu Fan.

"Come, mua! mua!" Xu Fan held Tongtong up to his face with both hands, then planted two hearty kisses on her left and right cheeks.

The baby-fat cheeks, full of collagen, but more importantly, that feeling of blood ties, gave Xu Fan, once the Five-Direction Heavenly Emperor, a sense of joy he had never experienced before.

"Tongtong also wants to give Daddy a kiss!" The little girl swung her tiny hands and held Xu Fan's cheeks.

Then, she opened her little mouth wide, showing off her pearly white, toothless teeth and playfully bit towards Xu Fan's face.

"Boop." Tongtong's little mouth landed on Xu Fan's face. Of course, she wouldn't really bite, but, just in case, Xu Fan had quietly withdrawn his spiritual energy from the flesh on his face, lest the little girl really bit down and shattered her teeth.

Xu Fan's body, now not only immune to teeth but even if a large chopper swung at it, could only produce a spark.

"Gurgle..." Tongtong's little stomach growled then.

"Good baby, it turns out you were hungry. No wonder you wanted to bite me." Xu Fan laughed heartily, hoisted Tongtong onto his shoulder, and said to her: "Baby, Daddy will take you to buy breakfast."


"Alright, but Daddy can't put Tongtong down; Tongtong wants to ride on Daddy's shoulders so I can be taller than Daddy."

"Okay, but first we need to wash up before we can go out." Xu Fan wiggled his shoulders to make sure Tongtong was seated securely, then quickly headed to the bathroom with her.

Since Tongtong wasn't tall enough to reach the sink, Xu Fan brought over a stool for her to stand on and started to help her wash up in front of the mirror.

Tongtong splashed and played while washing up, not only flicking water droplets at Xu Fan with her wet hands but also smearing the foam from brushing her teeth on Xu Fan's chin.

"Daddy's old, Daddy's like a white-bearded grandpa." Tongtong, seeing the white foam hanging from Xu Fan's face, was dancing so much she almost fell off the stool.

Xu Fan took a brand-new towel and gently wiped his precious daughter's face and hands clean, then hastily wiped off the foam from his own mouth, lifted Tongtong from the stool, and placed her on his shoulders.

"Daddy is my big horse, giddy up, let's go." Tongtong, holding onto Xu Fan's head, commanded excitedly.

Xu Fan gripped Tongtong's little feet with both hands and then sped out the door at a rapid pace.

For the current Xu Fan, Tongtong's weight was as light as a feather, causing him no burden at all; in the blink of an eye, he had dashed out of the villa.

The neighborhood was already starting to stir with people, so Xu Fan slowed down and strolled outside with Tongtong.

Inside the Star of Zhonghai community, there were supermarkets and malls specifically for residents, stocked with everything one could need.

Xu Fan, with his little girl in tow, quickly headed there.

In the community, many elderly residents doing their morning exercises noticed the adorable little girl riding high on Xu Fan's head.

Everyone who saw Xu Fan and Tongtong couldn't help but be taken aback by their presence.

After undergoing Washing Marrow and Cutting Hair yesterday, Xu Fan's body was no longer the decrepit form of the past; his whole being radiated with a sunny disposition. As a handsome man who was transformed by Washing Marrow and Cutting Hair, Xu Fan's entire aura had undergone an earth-shaking transformation.

Even the young heartthrobs on TV couldn't outshine Xu Fan's current appearance.

And his daughter Tongtong, naturally beautiful, with her delicate little face and white princess dress, plus her lively twin pigtails, was like the embodiment of a sprite.

Having drawn in the Spiritual Energy to nurture his body last night, Xu Fan could not transform Tongtong's body, but sleeping beside the rich Spiritual Energy left Tongtong filled with a lively essence.

Walking in the community, the pair seemed as if they had stepped right out of a fairy tale.

"Whose little beauty is this? She's just too cute!"

"A father and daughter pair, both so handsome, the power of genes really is strong!"

"Wow, if Mango TV's 'Where Are We Going, Dad?' gets them on the show, wouldn't the ratings just explode!"

Whispers of admiration followed them, praising Tongtong for her innocent cuteness, and naturally, Xu Fan as her dad received a few compliments as well.

"Daddy, you look so handsome today! Tongtong is so lucky," Tongtong, tilting her little head back, heard the surrounding praise and said to Xu Fan, looking down at him.

"Having Tongtong as my precious daughter is Daddy's greatest fortune," Xu Fan replied softly, holding Tongtong's little foot.