78 Chapter 78: Massacre the Village?

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Feeling the powerful aura from his opponent, Lu Cangsheng's face slightly changed.

"Meridian Passage Realm peak, you've advanced to the Meridian Passage Realm peak!"

"Humph, you old man still have quite the insight."

Liu Kai snorted coldly, swept his eyes over the crowd from Spirit Creek Village, then he cruelly announced, "Now, I'll give you two choices."

"First, Spirit Creek Village will be annihilated."

"Second, compensate my Sky Wind Stronghold with 30,000 taels of silver."


Upon hearing those words, every villager from Spirit Creek Village and the members of the hunting teams were horrified and angrily stared at the people from Sky Wind Stronghold.

30,000 taels of silver, that was practically demanding Spirit Creek Village's life.


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