Chapter 2: I Want to Learn Martial Arts

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"What on earth... how did this happen?!"

The line of text just now flashed by, but Lu Yun saw it clearly.

"Could this be my cheat? It can transform Blood Ginseng soup into energy points, helping me improve my Cultivation Technique or martial arts?" What just happened completely exceeded his knowledge, leaving him no choice but to attribute everything to the cheats bestowed upon transmigrators.

Regaining his senses, he subconsciously looked at the bowl in his hand, only to see that it was nearly empty, so he quickly licked it clean with his tongue.

Unfortunately for him, nothing similar to what had happened before occured again.

"Is it because there's not enough?" Lu Yun secretly regretted.

"Xiaoyu, great news, I passed the test and officially became a member of the monster hunting team!" At the moment when Lu Yun was still studying the sudden appearance of text, an excited voice entered his ear.

"Huh?" Hearing this voice, both Lu Yun and Lu Yu were startled, before immediately looking towards the door.

At this moment, a burly man was walking in from the outside.

The man was wearing a black coat, a large saber was hanging from his waist, and he had a sun hat on his head, covering half of his face, leaving a pair of sharp and mature eyes exposed. He carried a bag in his right hand.

He hung the bag on the wall before stepping through the entrance, untying the hat and taking it off, revealing a sunny and handsome face.

This was Lu He, Lu Yun's eldest brother!

As Lu He entered the room, he saw Lu Yun awake. First, he was stunned and then overjoyed, exclaiming, "Little... Xiaoyun is awake, when did this happen?"

"He just woke up not long ago. You're back just in time, eldest brother," Lu Yu replied from the side.

"Thank goodness he's awake, thank goodness!" Lu He's eyes were moist; "Today's a double celebration! I've got a piece of beast meat to help Xiaoyun recover."

"There's beast meat?" Lu Yu's face showed surprise.

"Yes, it's a reward for passing the assessment and joining the hunting team today. The bag outside contains about ten pounds."

"Great, I'll cook it right away!"

After Lu Yu left the house, only Lu Yun and Lu He remained in the room.

"Eldest brother, I want to learn martial arts!"

Lu Yun took the initiative to break the silence.

"Ha ha, you want to learn martial arts? That's great!" Lu He laughed and said, "Once you've recovered, you'll join your peers in the village to practice your skills."

"No, I want to start learning martial arts right now. I have a feeling that I can only heal myself by becoming a martial artist," Lu Yun declared firmly.

Upon hearing this, Lu He's smile froze.

He was about to refuse, but upon seeing the eyes of his younger brother filled with hope, determination, and pleading, he couldn't say no.

He loved his family, loved his sister, and loved his unfortunate younger brother even more—he couldn't refuse.

"Do you know how difficult it is for someone in your condition to become a martial artist?" Lu He looked at Lu Yun, his face full of seriousness.

"That's all right, eldest brother. Just teach me," said Lu Yun, brimming with confidence after discovering that he might possess cheats.

After hesitating for a while, Lu He finally agreed.

"All right, it's been hard on you these past years. Even if you can't become a martial artist in a short time, I'll gradually help you replenish your energy and blood to make up for your innate deficiencies and improve your health.

However, Xiaoyun, there's something I need to make clear to you."

"Please go ahead, eldest brother," Lu Yun said seriously.

Lu He touched his beardless chin and said in a deep voice.

"I don't know what inspired you to learn martial arts; I guess it's because of your recent illness. However, learning martial arts isn't something that can be achieved overnight—it's a continuous process. In your case, this process will be even longer and more persistent. I hope you won't give up until you become an official martial artist at the very least."

"Hmm... I understand!" Lu Yun nodded solemnly.

"As long as you understand." Lu He thought for a bit and pulled out a small booklet from his chest, wrapped in a thick layer of gray cloth.

He carefully opened it up to reveal the inside layer.

Several large characters were written on the cover.

Breaking Wind Saber Technique!

Although Lu Yun had been physically weak since childhood, he had still attended the village school, so he had no trouble reading and understanding the text.

"Although this is just a basic saber technique, it can still be considered a third-rate secret skill, and it not only has detailed descriptions but also illustrations of the correct positions."

"You should practice by following the instructions, and if you don't understand or have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask me."

Lu He carefully handed the booklet to Lu Yun.

"Thank you, Eldest brother!"

As soon as he received the booklet, he couldn't wait to open it and start flipping through it.

Breaking Wind Saber Technique had only three moves.

All three moves were offensive.

There was no defense, no evasion, just attack!

Attack is the best defense, that was the core of the Breaking Wind Saber Technique.

The first move: Sweeping Thousands of Armies.

The second move: Breaking Thousands of Mountains.

The third move: Sweeping the Universe.

Although there were only three moves, each move contained various basic saber forms, such as chopping, slashing, lifting, chopping, piercing, intercepting, pushing, stabbing, sliding, stirring, collapsing, tapping, and pulling.

The three moves of Breaking Wind Saber Technique, with different sequences and different trajectories of the saber, would display different powers.

After quickly looking through it, Lu Yun had a rough idea.

However, this does not mean that the Breaking Wind Saber Technique is simple and it is immediately mastered.

To execute each move, a certain level of proficiency, sufficient strength, and speed are required.

Proficiency can be gradually improved by practicing according to the positions in the booklet.

As for strength and speed, they depend on physical fitness.

Therefore, the Breaking Wind Saber Technique also has a complementary Refinement Cultivation Method.

The so-called Refinement Cultivation Method aims to refine the body, improve physical fitness, and thus provide enough strength and speed to perform the saber technique.

This Refinement Cultivation Method has no official name and is quite common. It has three levels, corresponding to the three moves of the Breaking Wind Saber Technique.

According to the booklet, only when the saber technique and refinement method are practiced together, can the Breaking Wind Saber Technique achieve small achievement.

To reach great accomplishment, a certain level of proficiency is required.

Once perfected, one can become a Martial Artist!

Lu Yun suppressed his excitement and read every word on the booklet repeatedly, trying to memorize all the moves of the Breaking Wind Saber Technique as quickly as possible.

About an hour later, he had finally memorized all of it and continued to analyze the difficulty of cultivation.

Then, he focused his mind, and suddenly, a transparent and illusory panel appeared before his eyes.

Transparent borders, illusory screens, with two lines of black characters floating on it.

[Breaking Wind Saber Technique: Pre-Entry (0%)]

[Energy Points: 1.1]

With a thought from Lu Yun, the transparent illusory panel disappeared and, with another thought, reappeared.

"I knew I was right!" Lu Yun was overjoyed, finally seeing hope after dispelling the clouds and mist.

Immediately, he no longer hesitated, focusing his attention on the Breaking Wind Saber Technique, and imagining lightly tapping it.


In his mind, a new set of memories appeared, where he practiced the Breaking Wind Saber Technique day in and day out, continuously improving.

At the same time, a warm current gushed from the center of his chest, flowing continuously throughout his body.

Lu Yun felt incredibly comfortable as if bathing in a hot spring, feeling refreshed and at ease.

Simultaneously, he could feel his originally weak body undergo subtle changes in an instant.

He immediately summoned the panel with a thought.

[Breaking Wind Saber Technique: Entry Level (10%)]

[Energy Points: 0.1]