Chapter 14, Cloud Water County Town

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"We've arrived at Cloud Water County."

As the sun sets, a giant city imbued with the aura of time appeared, looking like a ferocious beast roaring and staring fiercely at Lu Yun and his companions.

"No wonder it's a county capital. It really is grand and magnificent!" Lu Liangpeng stared at the city in the distance, his eyes full of admiration, his blood boiling with excitement like an energetic chick.

As the only city within hundreds of miles of Cloud Water County, its scale is naturally incomparable to that of a small village. The towering and majestic city walls, bearing the marks of time and vicissitudes, provided a great visual impact to these youngsters from the village.

Even Lu Yun, who had seen skyscrapers in his previous life, couldn't help but be amazed by the grandeur and magnificence of the city walls in front of him.

"Hehe, this is just a small county capital. Once you pass the Martial Academy examination, you'll have a chance to witness the even grander and more magnificent Spirit Martial Prefecture city!" Lu Cang, who was sitting in front driving the carriage, explained.

"Eldest brother Lu Cang, I heard that Cloud Water County has powerful martial artists at the True Qi Realm or above. Wouldn't there be even more powerful martial artists in the larger Spirit Martial Prefecture city?" Lu Tianhu's face rarely showed a hint of longing.

Lu Cang slowly said, "Spirit Martial Prefecture has more than a dozen counties, with a population of tens of millions. There are countless martial artists. Being the most prosperous county capital, it naturally has legendary powerful martial artists. As for what realm they are in, that's beyond our knowledge as mere mortals."

"But one day, you may find out how high and wide the sky and land of Spirit Martial Prefecture are and how strong the most powerful martial artists are."

"That day won't be far away!" Lu Yun stared at the city walls in the distance, clenched his fists, and secretly swore in his heart.

Although he was currently just a small martial artist at the Enter Martial Realm, he had achieved such progress in less than half a year since he stepped into Martial Arts. He was very confident in advancing to the Meridian Passage Realm and beyond.

Moreover, the most important thing was that he had the panel. As long as he accumulated enough energy points, he could climb the peak of Martial Arts.

"Let's enter the city. Once it gets dark, we won't be able to enter anymore." Lu Cang said, driving the carriage forward.

Soon, the carriage followed the flow of people, passed through the city gate, and entered the city.

"As expected from a county capital, even the guards at the city gate give people an invincible feeling." As soon as they entered the city, Lu Liangpeng couldn't help but sigh.

"These guards have cultivated at least one third-rate martial art to great accomplishment, and they wear armor, so their oppression and impact are naturally very strong." Lu Cang explained with a smile, then slowly drove the carriage forward.

Upon entering the county capital, their first priority was to find an inn to settle down in.

There was still some time before the Martial Academy examination, and Lu Liangpeng and Lu Tianhu needed to find a place to recuperate from their injuries.

Due to the upcoming examination, many young men and women from other villages had come to participate, and there were many martial Artists passing through the area, so the inns in the county capital were all fully booked.

After searching for more than ten inns, Lu Yun and the others finally found one, but by this time, the sky had completely turned dark.

"During this time, this will be my temporary residence until the examination begins." After returning to his room, Lu Yun sat on the bed, closed his eyes, and began to cultivate the Mix Origin Technique.

[Mix Origin Technique: Small Achievement (4%), not upgradable]

[Energy Points: 0.1]

The next morning, after discovering that the Mix Origin Technique had progressed by 1%, Lu Yun showed a satisfied smile on his face.

Compared to using energy points to upgrade martial arts, Lu Yun preferred this way of relying on his own efforts and then becoming stronger.

Of course, this was when there were no energy points because, with the use of energy points, he would become stronger, faster, and easier.

"Knock, knock!"

Just then, there was a knock on the door outside, and Lu Yun heard someone calling his name.

"Lu Yun, are you up yet?"

It was Lu Liangpeng. Lu Yun recognized the voice immediately and then got up to open the door.

"The Cloud Water County capital is very lively now, and there are many gathered talents. Do you want to go out and stroll around together?" As soon as the door opened, Lu Liangpeng stood at the doorway, inviting Lu Yun.

Lu Yun didn't give a reply right away. Instead, he folded his arms and looked at Lu Liangpeng. Suddenly, his eyes focused on Lu Tianhu, standing behind Lu Liangpeng.

At this moment, Lu Tianhu's gaze also turned towards Lu Yun. After their gazes met, he curling his lips and said, "There is still some time before the assessment anyway, and I'm free right now, so it might be good to go out and get a feel for the other geniuses to prepare for the upcoming assessment."

Upon hearing this, Lu Yun nodded. However, he was thinking of going out to find some items and accumulate some energy points for himself, so he said, "That's a good idea, let's go out and have a stroll together."

"Great, the Three Experts of Spirit Creek set off!" Lu Liangpeng said with a face full of smiles.

Seeing this, Lu Yun shook his head. The so-called "Three Experts of Spirit Creek" were not worth much. However, he was somewhat curious, as Lu Liangpeng was not friendly to Lu Tianhu before, so why did he suddenly change his attitude?

Curiosity aside, he didn't ask.

"Huh?" Just as the trio walked out of the inn, Lu Yun's gaze suddenly fell on a group of buildings across the street.

It was a restaurant, built with unparalleled majesty, like a king standing proudly and overlooking the surrounding buildings.

Lu Tianhu followed Lu Yun's gaze and said with a shrug, "That's the Soaring Dragon Restaurant. It is incredibly luxurious and caters exclusively to the true geniuses of the world.

Over the years, anyone able to reside in the Soaring Dragon Restaurant has inevitably become a disciple of the Martial Academy."

Lu Yun nodded upon hearing this, it seemed that their strongest competitors this time would be amongst those geniuses in the Soaring Dragon Restaurant.

At this point, Lu Liangpeng suddenly suggested, "Hehe, with your strength and talent, you are actually qualified for lodging at this restaurant too. Why don't we go and take a look? If you really do stay there, it would bring glory to us as well!"

"The inn is quite nice, there's no need to make a show of staying at that restaurant." Lu Yun shook his head and retracted his gaze.

In Lu Yun's view, it would be foolish to expose one's strength and risk getting into trouble just for a place to stay.

However, there were times when trouble would actively seek one even if they don't go looking for it.

"Hmph, it's a laughable joke for country folks like you to even think of residing in the Soaring Dragon Restaurant." A cold snort came from afar.

Just as Lu Yun and his two friends were about to leave, a figure approached from the direction of the Soaring Dragon Restaurant, causing a commotion around them.

When someone suddenly started hurling insults seemingly directed at him and his friends, Lu Yun couldn't help but turn his head curiously to see who this person was.

It was a long-haired youth around thirteen or fourteen years old, with an air of arrogance on his face as he carried his hands behind his back. He snorted in disdain when he saw the envious and awed gazes from the crowd.

"This is Mu Qingyun, the young master of Breeze Mountain Villa. He already reached the late stage of the Enter Martial Realm and is said to have preemptively secured a spot in the Martial Academy."

As people around saw this young man, they immediately began to discuss him. Hearing that he had already entered the late stage of the Enter Martial Realm, some people even gasped in admiration.

Normally, a person wouldn't become a martial artist until adulthood, but the young master of Breeze Mountain Villa had not only become a martial artist at merely thirteen or fourteen, but had also reached the late stage of the Enter Martial Realm. Such talent was definitely among the best of the best in Cloud Water County.

"Good dogs don't block the way. Which backcountry bumpkin doesn't know this?"

Mu Qingyun walked forward arrogantly with his hands behind his back. Upon seeing Lu Yun and his two friends standing in the middle of the street, he scoffed coldly.

"You're the dog! Your whole family are dogs!" Hearing this, Lu Liangpeng was immediately furious and retorted with harsh words.

"Hehe…" Mu Qingyun glanced at him with a disdainful look in his eyes.

"You guys aren't even martial artists, and yet you want to join the Martial Academy? I don't know where you got the courage from, but I advise you to just go back to your poor mountain village so as not to embarrass yourselves here."

"You…" Lu Liangpeng's body trembled with anger. He wanted to lash out, but Lu Yun stopped him.

"If a dog bites you, would you bite back?" Lu Yun said indifferently and then turned to leave.

Lu Tianhu tugged at Lu Liangpeng's clothes and hurriedly followed. Although the young master of Breeze Mountain Villa was indeed arrogant, he had the strength to back it up. Defying him would only make things worse for themselves.

Although Lu Liangpeng was impulsive, he wasn't ignorant and fully understood this fact. Even though his eyes were still filled with anger, he reluctantly followed the others.

Watching the backs of Lu Yun and his friends as they left, Mu Qingyun snorted disdainfully, "Hehe, frogs at the bottom of the well!"