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Read Unimportant book novel written by the author Bestwriter on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, comedy, beauty, teen, loveatfirstsight. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


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Reveal spoiler


Had it been it is that easy in real life, to become an extraordinary human after arising from death, being dead in twenty four hours, it would have been so cool. Nice illustration.


Your book is interesting but… as the first chapter, it shouldn’t be too long. Readers would want to know the ending so they can move to the next chapter. If chapters are long, it will bore readers. ❤️🥺 good job by the way


I wonder if this book is a translation work. But whatever. All I care is that I love this book, highly recommended by me. Gosh, I never knew FL books would be this obsessive.


Reveal spoiler


I love the storyline, the characters and the plot. Trust me, this book is worth reading. It is worth your time. Wow! The author is super talented. I love this book. It is the first book I have read on this platform.


I have only read the first chapter so far, I really like it because I can relate to the FL. How happy I was when the senior I liked for many years also talked to me OMG OMG your novel made my heart flutter now as I rememvered that I look forward to how this develop especially if MC get superpower


good story, amazing plot, good character development. but I hate the fact her crush is destroyed...i ront know if I would recover from such tevelagion after obssesing over a guy for so long 🤣🤣❤


I like the blurb! I love this kind of story a girl who got resurrected when she died and it's only 24 hours! I recommend this story! It's a MUST READ!


Really loving this boook. Has a lot of strong character development and also love the twists and turns in this novel. Looking forward to more.😍😍


Wow I love this book. I only read the first two chapters and I'm already obsessed with it. Looking forward in reading more.....................


I like this book.....Character design , plot everything else was great. I really got hooked from the first chapter ..I highly recommend to read this book....


Somebody recommended me this book and this platform on Instagram and said I will love it and it's true like I am totally in love with this book. It's actually my very first time using webnovel, I used to hear about it before, but now I am part of it. Thanks for writing this amazing book.


When you see a good book, you will know it. I am so happy that I found this book and I am reading it. This book is full of fun, no joke. It is very entertaining and satisfying to read.


I highly recommend this book. Read it, it's very awesome. Ahhhh. Characters are well described. The plots are well explained. The story is the best part. I hope the author continue to show us her talent and work.


I am so obsessed with this book that I barely do any house chores or homeworks these days. Webnovel is the best.👍. The author is very talented in what she do, I love her work.


I am impressed by the author's talent. The names (characters) are very easy to remember. How do authors do it? They just think about a story and write. Since I am not good at writing books, I am good at reading them. I entered this platform through a referral code and I just happen to come across this amazing book.


Great book, like am in love with this book. Omg. I usually used to like books with male being the main lead, but ever since I started reading this book,I changed my mindset about that. Thanks for your hard work.


Wow. I'm in love with this book. It talks about everything. I love the cliffhangers too. The characters and storyline. It's really disappointing when you finds out that your crush is your brother. I pity Lady Eunice.


It's dope.The author is the queen or goddess of writing. I really love your work. Please keep it up. She updates daily too. The story line bomb.


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