My Husband Is a Snake! Book

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My Husband Is a Snake!

One Ring

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# WIFESPOILING # SNAKEHUSBAND [On my wedding night, my husband is a snake!] Ning Qing got lost when she was young, and a black python saved her and said, “I saved you. You will have to be my wife in the future.” The young Ning Qing didn’t know what a “wife” was, only that she needed to give birth to snake babies. Later, Ning Qing was saved and grew up successfully, entered higher education and was about to get an internship. The black python had taken a human form and created its own business empire. When the two met after many years, the man recognized Ning Qing and was very satisfied with the wife that had been sent to him. However, he still acted business-like and said, “Be my assistant. Not only will you handle documents and travel with me, but you’ll also take care of my pet!” She didn’t recognize him, so Ning Qing nodded. “Good!” After officially starting work, the man secretly observed his wife and saw on her phone a random picture of a black python. He asked unhappily, “What are you doing?” “A big snake saved me when I was younger. He said I had to be his wife and give birth to snake babies.” A certain man silently exhaled at that. “But… the biology I learned back in junior high school said there’s a difference between human reproductive systems and animals, so I can’t give birth to snake babies. To fulfill the promise, I found a female snake as a new wife for him. The man’s face darkened. “How would you know it likes female snakes?” Ning Qing was stunned. “Then… I’ll look for a…male one?” The man: “...”


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