Under Her Skin Book

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Under Her Skin


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Selena is found dead one early morning. Odd thing is, her ex-best friend Sunny is next to her, with bloody hands. What happened between them that lead to this tragic end? Can Sunny escape her secrets? This is a story about two girls in a rich, white, poisonous town. Sunny, the only Chinese girl in Wrestler High, is singled out and shammed online by a group of popular "IT" girls- the leader of which turns out to be Selena. Overnight, everybody becomes the enemy, and for months Sunny ducks her head down and lives Under Her Skin, scared of being completely exposed to a world that tracks and judges her. Battling with racism and discrimination for far too long, Sunny's anger soon turns into courage. Full of pain, and pushed to the edge of life, Sunny would do anything to stop carrying the weight of being the only. Perhaps, even murder.


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