5 Strange Ability, Skeletal Equipment!

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"Come on!"

He made up his mind. Bruce held the thigh bone in his right hand and grabbed a broken skull from the ground with his left hand. He rushed towards the direction where the skeleton soldier was coming from.

The two figures quickly approached each other.

When he was only three meters away from the skeleton soldiers, Bruce's smashed the broken skull in his left hand towards the skull of the skeleton soldier. The thigh bone in his right hand was then swung towards the spine of the skeleton soldier!

The broken skull did not affect the skeleton soldier at all.

Not only did it not hit the skull of the skeleton soldier, but it was easily shattered by his opponent's bone sword.

Soon, the sky turned into an arena full of bone fragments.

Even the thigh bone that Bruce swung towards the spine of the skeleton soldier was blocked by his opponent's bone shield.

In an instant, the green flames in Bruce's eyes became a little more exuberant, as if he was excited.

He had succeeded!

At that moment, the biggest difference between Bruce and the skeleton soldier was not their attributes, nor their class templates, but their intelligence!

Even though he had been reborn as a skeleton, he still retained the memories and intelligence of when he was a human. His opponent, even if he had attributes and templates that exceeded Bruce's, was only relying on the instincts of his body to fight!

When the attack from the shattered skull and thigh bones were blocked, Bruce's body moved to the side, and a clean kick landed on the leg bones of the skeleton soldier.


Along with a crisp sound of bones breaking apart, Bruce was able to kick down the skeleton soldier's leg bone!

Having lost one leg bone, the skeleton soldier who had lost his balance fell to the ground and struggled to get up.

At this time, Bruce lifted the thigh bone in his hand and used all the strength in his body to smash the skull of the skeleton soldier!




A dull knocking sound could be heard in the wilderness.

When the thigh bone in his hand was broken, Bruce raised the remaining half of the thigh bone and stabbed the sharp bone into the eye socket of the skeleton soldier, turning it forcefully!

The bones of the skeleton soldier that was still struggling were also scattered on the ground at the same time.

"Congratulations on killing a skeleton soldier! You have gained 100 experience points!"

When the system notification popped up on the attributes panel, Bruce heaved a sigh of relief and threw away the broken thigh bone in his hand.

The green flames in his eyes flickered.

This battle seemed short, but in reality, it was extremely dangerous.

After only a short duel, Bruce was sure that the skeleton soldier's strength, speed, and agility had all surpassed him. He was at a disadvantage because his opponent had a bone sword that could have easily shattered his skull.

If he had been hit even just once, the one lying there would not be the skeleton soldier, but himself.

Fortunately, he won!

The next moment was the moment of victory!

He skillfully bent down and placed his bone palm on the pile of bones that were much stronger than himself.

His [ devour ] talent was activated!

The next moment, a thick, hot stream gushed out from the pile of bones, and the bones began to gradually turn into powder.

Bruce could clearly feel that his skeletal body was undergoing an unprecedented enhancement.

At the same time, a series of system notifications also popped up on his status panel.

After a full two minutes, the hot stream disappeared.

When the skeleton soldier's ashes disappeared, Bruce opened his status panel at the right time to check his gains from this battle.

"You have absorbed the essence of the skeleton, and your body has become stronger. Your spirit has increased by 0.1. You have obtained the class change information of the basic class template skeleton soldier."

The skeleton clan was descended from other races.

This type of skeleton was usually of the middle-high tier.

It could also have been a low-tier skeleton that was borne from the nourishment and nurturing of the aura of death day after day.

The majority of the low-tier skeletons like Bruce only had a pitiful 0.1 spirit attribute.

A 0.1 spirit attribute meant that they had no memory, no consciousness, and they did not actively hunt other skeletons to increase their consciousness level. The increase in their level was mostly due to the nourishment and nurturing of the dense aura of death in the boneyard!

Naturally, such skeletons could not provide Bruce with spirit attributes.

If Bruce was an alien among the skeletons, the skeleton soldier that he had just killed was a genius.

Perhaps it was because the initial value of the spirit attribute was relatively high, or perhaps it was because when the level was raised, the 0.5 attribute was randomly added to the spirit attribute, which allowed the skeleton soldier to have the concept of self-improvement and gradually grow up.

It was precisely because of this that when the other skeletons only had instincts, the skeleton soldier would take the initiative to hunt. Moreover, when it discovered Bruce, it immediately attacked him.

This was not the main point.

The main point was that on this skeleton soldier, Bruce obtained the class change information of the class template!

[ template ] : Skeleton Soldier

[ rank ] : basic class template

[ bonus ] : health + 50, strength * 1, agility * 1, vitality * 1

[ ability ] : skeleton equipment

Skeleton equipment: as the basic combat unit of the skeleton clan, every skeleton soldier has the ability to turn the skeleton into a weapon.

It was just as Bruce had guessed.

In the skeleton clan, there were two completely different concepts as to whether or not there was a class template.

The 50 HP bonus directly doubled Bruce's HP!

This was also because his vitality attribute was far superior to that of other ordinary skeletons. If it was on other skeletons, this 50 HP bonus meant that their HP had increased by several times!

The same was true for the attribute bonus.

For every increase in one's level, the strength, agility, and vitality attributes would all increase by + 1. The total growth rate of 3 attribute points was six times that of the pitiful 0.5 attribute growth rate of the skeleton!

And this was not the most important thing.

The most important thing was the ability that came with this class template: skeletal equipment!

This alone was enough to increase the strength of the skeleton soldiers!

It could be said that if it wasn't for the final kill that shattered the soul fire, the absolute weakness of the skeleton race, Bruce would not have been a match for the skeleton soldier.

As the basic class of the skeleton race, the requirements for the skeleton soldiers class change were very simple:

1. Level up to Level 10.

2. Strength, speed, and vitality. Two of these three attributes must reach 2 points.

As long as these two conditions were met, the skeleton would automatically change its class. It is called a system class change.

If only one condition was met, then one would need to obtain the information of the skeleton soldier's class change before being able to change their class to a skeleton soldier. The easiest way to obtain the information of the skeleton soldier's class change was to kill a skeleton soldier! (It's labeled as a self-changing class.)

Of the two class change methods, the first one was still all right. However, it would be extremely difficult if one wanted to change their class in advance through the second method.

They could do it the way Bruce did. It was either by his strength that far surpassed that of a skeleton soldier, or he was lucky enough to encounter a broken or even dying skeleton soldier.

No matter which method he used, as long as he completed the job-changing method, he would be able to achieve a leap in rank. From the most trashy monster in the game world, a skeleton, to the less trashy monster, a skeleton soldier.

"You have obtained the basic class template skeleton soldier."


"Class change conditions met!"

"Do you wish to immediately change class to 'Skeleton Soldier'?"

When Bruce finished reading about the skeleton soldier class template, the system notification appropriately rang out in his head. 

"Class change!"

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Bruce immediately chose to change class.

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