Undead Tyrant: Evolving from a Skeleton Book

novel - Fantasy

Undead Tyrant: Evolving from a Skeleton

Fish For Every Year

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Upon waking up, Bruce found that he had traveled ten years back in time and had traversed into the game [Second World] as a skeleton, a lifeform at the most bottom of this game world's hierarchy. Abruptly, Bruce discovered that he had an evolving talent. Basic Class, Skeleton Soldier; Advanced Class, Skeleton Swordsman; Elite Class, Refurbished Skeleton Swordsman; Warrior Class, Dark Warrior; Leader Class, Dark Warrior King... Unlimited class transfers! Infinite evolution! But only Bruce knew that [Second World] was more than just a simple game. When [Second World] launched, a countdown began in the real world! When the countdown ended... [Second World] and the real world would merge! The world was facing destruction. The end was looming!!


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