5 Secluded Immortal Abode

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The Jade Sea.

One of the ten most dangerous places on the Qianyuan Continent.

At this moment, spiritual aura surged violently like a typhoon as it tore apart space itself. It was exceptionally perilous. But treasures were often bountiful in dangerous places. This was why the Sect Leader and the others from the Immortal Guardian Sect took a risk and came here when they realized that the seal had gone loose. But in the end… not one of them survived.

"Kekeke, I, Nirvana Demon King has finally escaped!"

Right outside the seal, a shrill voice reverberated. Then, the air shook and a human-shaped figure in the form of a child abruptly materialized. Demonic aura surged all over the place as if the figure was transforming into something substantial.

"He's over there!"

"Don't let him escape! Otherwise, no one in the entire Qianyuan Continent will be able to survive!"

"Let's strike together!"

Hurried barks echoed throughout the area as hundreds of cultivators came riding on their swords. Each one of them floated in the air, the dharmic powers in their bodies surged as they prepared to lay out a trap.

"A bunch of idiots! Did all of you really think Immortal Artifacts had appeared in the Jade Sea? It was merely a mirage that I intentionally created! If I did not attract you people over here… how can I break the seal?"

The child laughed coldly.

He had been suppressed in the Jade Sea for an unknown number of years. Recently, he intentionally damaged the seal and released some of his aura. He misled people into believing that there was some kind of a rare treasure here.

In the end, innumerable experts from the Great Yan Prefecture rushed to the scene.

With the aid of the forces emitted from their mutual strife and vying, he broke open the seal at one stroke!

"My cultivation is still in the process of recovering. I shall first spare your lives today. But I have remembered the faces of each and every one of you. The next time we meet; will be the time of your deaths!"

Amidst the sneer, the child's body gradually faded.

"Move fast! He's going to escape!

An old man shouted.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hundreds of powerhouses struck at the same, and countless Dharmic Dao landed as literal cracks were torn open in the sky.

The forces ceased, only a sea of nothingness remained. The Demon King's figure was nowhere to be found. Not even a trace of his demonic aura could be detected.

"He escaped…"

The faces of everyone in the area paled at the same time.

Silence ensued, but it was broken by a young man who couldn't help but ask, "Master, who exactly is that Demon King?"

He knew that a demon had appeared in the Jade Sea, but he had no idea who exactly it was!

A pensive look appeared on the old man's face as his eyes became filled with worry. "That was probably [Nirvana Boy] Guan Zequan, the super demon from 8,000 years ago!

"In his youth, he was poisoned and was forced to take the appearance of a dwarf, unable to grow any taller.

"For the sake of revenge, he painstakingly cultivated demonic techniques…

"Then, a hundred years later, he reached the peak of the Bare Immortal Realm and his name resounded throughout the entire world.

"He had once annihilated seven first-class sects and 30 second-class sects in the Great Qian Prefecture and the Great Source Prefecture alone. At least tens of thousands of powerhouses above the Mortal Separation Realm were slaughtered…

"That was considered a true tragedy for the entire continent.

"In order to exterminate him, the nine states gathered 38 Bare Immortal Realm experts that pursued him for three whole months before they managed to catch him here. But regardless of the methods that they used, they were ultimately unable to kill him…

"Left without a choice, they could do nothing other than to seal him here!

"We thought that he was already dead. His soul scattered, and his body turned to ashes. But to think that he's actually still alive…"

Everyone was stunned.

Many youths were so frightened that they trembled with ghastly pale faces.

Just what exactly was the existence that had just escaped?

"He is a true great demon. Now that he has escaped, I'm afraid the entire continent would be facing a disaster once again!"

"In which direction did he run in?"


"What are the sects in that area?"

"I think it's… the Immortal Guardian Sect!"

A hush fell.

After a long while, a quivering voice sounded, "Their Sect Leader and First Elder also came here. But in the end, they were trapped in one place and were wiped out…"

"They were not even strong to begin with and now that they lost their strong forces, their Sect Leader and First Elder. I reckon that this sect is… doomed!"

The turn of events in the Jade Sea was still unknown to Su Yin as he followed behind Chen Yu and Zhao Ruoxu. They walked for quite a long time before they arrived in front of a huge compound.

The compound was built by an elder of the Immortal Guardian Sect. It was far from the main peak, but close to the cliffs. The surrounding area was a dense primitive forest, the place was extremely quiet.

Before Su Yin approached the entrance of the compound, he saw three big words above the door frame, 'Secluded Immortal Abode'. The plaque where these words were written looked slightly withered and yellow. It gave off an impression that it could fall off at any moment.

Su Yin nodded in satisfaction.

On top of being quiet enough, the name was pretty good too.

His name was Su Yin and this compound had the name, 'Secluded Immortal Abode'1…just the sound of it was full of class.

Pushing the door open, he stepped in. A meandering stream flowed along the compound. There were also a few dozens of guest rooms and there was even an empty space in the courtyard, giving one the feeling that they had just stumbled upon a hidden paradise.

Although the compound was uninhabited for a long time, Chen Yu and Zhao Ruoxu had cleaned it up with a Dust Repelling Bead, so everything was pretty clean.

In regards to furniture and fixtures, Su Yin had made a lot of them when he was learning the art of woodworking in the past. He could totally replace all of these old and worn items.

As for the empty space, it could be used to plant vegetables and crops for the sake of self-sufficiency.

Seeing that Grand Uncle-Master was satisfied, the duo then heaved a sigh of relief then took their leave with cupped fists.

"I'll plant rice in this area of land, wheat in this area, corn in that area…"

When it was quiet again, Su Yin did not rest. Instead, he divided the remaining area of the courtyard into a few dozen areas. He designed what they would look as he strolled, "This place looks a little dull. I'll place some flowers and plants here!"

With a turn of his wrist, a huge pile of fresh flowers and soil landed on the ground.

These flowers weren't flowers with symbolic meanings such as peonies and what not. Instead, they were commonly seen plants such as dog's tail grass, morning glory, and the like… He had casually nourished these flowers when he was learning gardening.

When he was about to leave the Forbidden Grounds, he discovered that they were blooming beautifully, so he placed them together with the fertilizers into his storage ring.

Bringing out the various tools that he had, he planted them according to a special method.

A sweet scent immediately filled the courtyard, making one feel refreshed.

Smiling, Su Yin then took out some of the items and furniture he had made during technique lessons and he placed them at the various spots.

"This looks more like it…"

In the pavilion, he laid down a chessboard. On the Rain-Viewing Deck, he placed a zither. Beside the various doors of the rooms in the compound, he hung finished couplets. In the living room, several paintings were displayed. Even the plaque that had the words, 'Secluded Immortal Abode' outside the entrance had been cleaned and rewritten.

But not because the plaque was old and worn. It was because the words were written in such an ugly manner that he couldn't bear to look at them.

In less than an hour, the entire compound looked rejuvenated.

In the past, this place was thought to be remote and the only benefit was that it was quiet and tranquil. But right now, the compound was full of spiritual aura and charm. It had transformed into a blessed immortal's residence that everyone yearned for.

However, all of these were concealed by the walls, not even an ant could take a peek into its beauty. From afar, it still looked the same old and shabby abode.

"Now I can get Little Wu, Big Black, and Old Man to come over…"

Everything was done, Su Yin smiled.

Little Wu was that parrot, Big Black was the donkey, and the Old Man was naturally the old tortoise that acted nonchalant and leisurely in whatever he did.

Going over to the Rain-Viewing Deck, both his hands touched the zither.

With a light stroke, beautiful music sounded like flowing water.

The freshly planted flowers swayed like his audience. The handicrafts, ornaments, decorations, written couplets, and paintings on the wall swayed similarly to the flowers, they seemed to be absorbed in the sound.

"Gua! Gua! Gua!!"

A few moments later, a parrot flew in.

Little Wu.

Su Yin chuckled.

When he left, he had specially instructed it to fly over when it heard the sound of the Zither.

Now, it seemed that the parrot had really understood him!

It was truly an animal of the cultivation world. Even if it did not have any cultivation, it was still more intelligent and understood humans better than those parrots from Earth.

"Go bring the others over…"

Su Yin instructed.

Flapping its wings, the parrot reluctantly flew away.

The reason why it had such a high degree of intelligence in the first place was because it listened to the music its owner played on the zither back then.

Right now, an immortal song lingered in the air.

It was truly reluctant to leave.

The song soon ended. Su Yin stopped playing.

At the same time, the swaying flowers, waving paintings, dancing decorations… went back to their silence. The scene looked as if they had never moved at all.

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