Uncle-Master, Please Help Us Book

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Uncle-Master, Please Help Us

Heng Sao Tian Ya

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From author of Library of Heaven's Path, this is Heng Sao Tian Ya's latest book. Immortal Suppression Sect's sect master, and many other higher-ups have suddenly perished. The sect has fallen into chaos. To restore order and to prevent annihilation, the remaining middle-ranking members of the sect have no choice but to request the help of their younger uncle-master who has been cultivating in a forbidden land. Their uncle-master is only 18 years old. Furthermore, he doesn't appear to have any cutlivation. Just as everyone is wallowing in despair, they suddenly realize that even the strongest expert in the land can't defend against a simple swing of his sword. A random refinement of pills would make a Grade 9 Alchemist be willing to be his disciple. The way he saves someone in passing is peerless medicinal skill that can't be recorded in books… At that moment, they realize that their uncle-master who appears to have zero cultivation is actually a saint recognized by the world! Su Yin: Is it so hard to keep a low profile?