17 You've Already Lost!

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"Use your tail to bounce up and dodge."

Wang Che said lightly.

The green caterpillar immediately shrank into a spring, and just as the Kuka Beast was about to collide with it, it suddenly leaped.

Its body was extremely flexible.

This was a stance that it cultivated.

It had practiced often and was very familiar with this, and therefore its reaction was also very quick.

"Huh? It can even move like this… What a fast reaction…" Yuan Xiaole was taken aback.

He thought the green caterpillar would dodge to the left or right, but with the Kuka Beast's reaction speed, it would not be able to get away.

Even if it was only lightly grazed, it would be sent flying by the impact.

However, it bounced up directly…

"It can jump this high?"

Yuan Xiaole glanced at the green caterpillar that had just vaulted itself and was more than ten meters high up.

He had a faint feeling that something was amiss.


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