10 Test, Soul Skill?!

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"Something is strange."

It was the morning three days later.

Mother Wang stared at the green caterpillar that had grown twice its size with a puzzled expression.

It wasn't that the 20-centimeter green caterpillar was humongous.

The length of an adult's palm was only 20 centimeters after all, so it could still fit in a palm.


Feeling that something was amiss, Mother Wang quickly ran a search online.

"Can a green caterpillar grow up to 20 centimeters in three days?"

The screen was riddled with answers.

"After incubation, a green caterpillar will be about 10 centimetres in length. One centimeter represents a year's worth of soul power cultivation base. Twenty centimeters is about ten years' worth of soul power cultivation base."


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