14 Spit Thread Soul Skill, School Begins

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"But you only have 25 years of soul power cultivation now…" Wang Che muttered while patting the green caterpillar's head.

He had to find a way to increase the thread's durability.

Over the next week, Wang Che began to train the caterpillar in this soul skill.

However, there was not much improvement.

Though the results of soul power cultivation were apparent, any further progress was halted by the low species potential of the green caterpillar.

If it had been a rare spider type soul pet instead, the Spit Thread Soul Skill would definitely be much more powerful.

In addition to being structurally stronger, the threads would likely be poisonous and deadly to enemies as well.

As such, with varying physical attributes across life forms, it was definitely possible for the same soul skill to look very different when used by another soul pet.


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