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'This 369 Steel can imitate the strength of an ordinary green caterpillar with ten years of cultivation base.'

Wang Che froze in place for a moment.

Steel type soul pets were very special and rare.

In fact, there were no such soul beasts in ancient times.

The 369 Steel's ability to transform did not rely on analysing the opponent's attributes.

Instead, it was based on the artificial data recorded in its brain.

Take a normal green caterpillar for example. Before transforming, the 369 Steel would ask itself the following questions: How strong is its cultivation level? How fast is its speed? How is its physique?

After accessing the answers, it would transform into its target's outer form and imitate the cultivation age.

Apart from that, the rest of its attributes would be based on that of a normal green caterpillar.

'This soul pet is quite an interesting one.'

Wang Che thought to himself.


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