Uchiha Itachi reincarnated (in Against the Gods) Book

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Uchiha Itachi reincarnated (in Against the Gods)


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"No matter what you decide from now on...I will love you forever...You don't have to forgive me, Sasuke." Having said these words, Itachi felt himself fading away... As Itachi died however he heard a voice, sounding divine as if it was the voice of God. "Child in this life you were hard done by, despite your virtuous nature, however you will be rewarded in your next life. Not only will you be reborn, you will also keep your bloodline powers of the Mangekyo Sharingan, having access to these powers from birth." Continuing onwards the divine voice also said: "Not only this, every time you increase in your profound realm you will unlock new rewards, which can be anything from Mangekyo Sharingan abilities, either held by other Mangekyo Sharingan users, or entirely unique, or unparalleled techniques, it is up to chance each time." Following these words Itachi felt his soul seemingly moving at an incredible speed, seemingly crossing through myriad dimensions, before colliding with and entering the body of a young man, a young man named Yun Che...


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