- MC POV -

I woke up the next day from my sleep, well I can choose not to sleep because I didn't have to but I needed it.

"Man...that was the best sleep I've had in decades" I can't help it you know, when I'm in Murim I cannot sleep at all because once you let your guard down, you are dead, as simple as that, so to make up for that sleepless night sometime I meditate, hunt beasts, or just...remembering about my past.

I stood up and went to take a shower, I put on the same clothes as yesterday, a black T-shirt, comfortable trousers, and a boxer of course, because why not, I can just wash and dry them with my energy.

Anyway, I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, yes you heard that right, I'm a tea enjoyer, not coffee Gigachads, but...where is the tea box?

I searched the whole kitchen, drawers, and the refrigerator too but, all empty....not a single spice, ingredients, fruits, vegetables, and even water.


Well, I know I didn't have or need to eat but I miss those tastes you know, and drinking a cup of tea in the morning has become some kind of habit to me when I'm still in the original world and Murim as well.

I decided to just sit in the living room while watching the TV, so the date is January 2005, 3 days before Bella arrives here and attends Forks High School, well...let's make some plans then.

First, I need to go to the bank and make an account and a credit card. Then buy a phone and a SIM card. Then I'll go register at the Forks High School, and maybe end the day with grocery shopping.

Now here lies the problem, I'm poor and only have a thousand dollars, where do I get more money?

'Maybe just rob a bank in Seattle?' I thought but quickly got rid of the idea because it could cause a negative Karma to my name, robbing honest people of hard-earned money.

'I could sell my artifacts and some stones from my storage ring' but I quickly get rid of this idea too as I'm afraid that something terrible might happen,

 I'm too lazy to take care of them if they ever ended up in the wrong hands, who would buy them? Maybe a certain purple potato would be interested in my stones, but I highly doubt it hahaha.

Hmm...I could write songs from my original world that haven't been released yet this would be the best option for me, but another problem arises up, how do I buy the equipment since I'm poor?

Simple, I'll become Vengeance and rob the robber at night, this could get me at least 5 thousand bucks and maybe just enough to buy guitars and the maintenance kit, some groceries and I'll save up the rest just in case I wanted to buy a nice car.

'Then from there, I'll begin my music career, but I highly doubt that it'll work, anyway let's get these plans going and visit the music store to check some DVDs and the guitar prices.' I made up my mind and prepared to go.

I closed the door and locked it, put on my sandals, put on the school bag, and walked up to the garage, I opened the garage and couldn't help but sigh while looking at the bike.


"Here we go buddy, this is our first day in action" I giggled a bit, took out the bike, closed the garage door, and took off.


(At The Bank)

I arrived and immediately parked my bike near the entrance, but while I was parking the bike, some nearby onlookers laughed at me and my bike.

Guy 1: "Hey nice bike hahaha"

Girl 1: "Look at those silly cat logos and the horn hahaha"

Guy 2: "I bet you stole it from a little girl hahaha"

Girl 2: "I bet-"

I glared at them, making them scared, and just ignored them, they're just a bunch of little brats, they're nowhere near the level of those young masters from the Murim.

I went in, picked a number on paper at the nearby desk, waited for a while because of the lines of course, and it was time for my turn. I walked to the teller and sat down in the chair in front of her.

The teller: "Hello how are you and how may I help you" she asked. "Hi I'm fine thanks, I'm here to make an account and a credit card" I answered.

The teller: "Your legal papers please" her hand.

"Of course" I handed her the papers.

The teller: "All alright, please wait a moment" she said and went inside the bank.

After about 15 minutes, she came back with the papers and the credit card.

The teller: "Okay, please sign right here and you are good to go" she said. "Alright," I said. While I'm signing the paper she talks again.

The teller: "Aren't you cold?" she asked.

"Hm...what do you mean?" I asked back. The teller: "I meant you're not wearing a hoodie or a coat so you must've been cold" she answered.

'Hmm...I must've looked weird to the people here since they always wear a hoodie, jacket, coat, or thick clothes.' I thought while remembering I can control my body temperature so I didn't mind what I wear, I'm not a stylish person either, as long as it's comfortable, I would wear it.

"Well., I'm new here and I'm from West Virginia so I'm kinda used to the cold," I said. The teller: "Ohh...welcome to Forks and I hope you have a great time here" she said.

"Thanks, maybe I'll stop by the clothing store and buy a coat," I said.

"Alright, I'm done," I said. After a couple more chats, I left the bank went for my bike, and immediately left for the clothing store.


(At the clothing store - Still MC POV)


I opened the door and went to the clerk at the counter.

Clerk: "Welcome and how may I assist you?"

"Yeah um. I'm looking for a coat for my size and a black one at that pls"

Clerk: "All alrighty wait a moment please"

After five minutes passed the clerk came back bringing four black coats.

Clerk: "Here you go"

I observed them one by one and tried to put them on, to be honest, they all looked the same and cool, so I asked for the coolest one.

"how much for this one?"

Clerk: "$500"


Yeah, ain't no way I'm buying that.

"Uhh, I'll take the cheapest one please"

The clerk wrapped one of them for me and handed it to me before he said,

Clerk: "That would be $200"


 it hurts, but it didn't bleed. Anyway, after I paid for the coat I asked, "Do you know where the nearest electronics store at?"

Clerk: "Yeah it's just down the road"

I left the store before saying thank you to the clerk, went for my bike, and left for my next destination.


(At the electronics store)

I opened the door and immediately went to the clerk.

"Hey I'm here to buy a decent cell phone and a sim card please"

Clerk: "All alright wait a moment please"

After a couple of minutes, he came back and handed me the phone before putting in the sim card and checking if everything worked fine.

Clerk: "Ok, all of that would be $300 please, cash or credit?"

' !#camp;@%' 

I curse inwardly., "I'll do cash"

I walk out of the store with yet another bleeding heart, now I only have $500 left, I sigh heavily, pick up my bike, and go for the next destination.


(At Forks High School)

"Forks High School - Home Of The Spartans" I muttered under my breath while looking at the sign.

'Well here we go' I entered the parking area and went around to search for a spot to park for a bit and realized that the Cullen's are not here, maybe they went on a vacation, who knows.

Anyway, I decided to park my bike on the empty spot near the stairs and went to the front desk and questioned the front lady there. "excuse me, mam, I would like to register for school please."

The lady: "Oh you're the new student, are you, Isabella Marie Swan?"


are fucking kidding me!? can't you see that I'm a man!?

"Uhh...no mam, I'm Mikael Godfrey."

The lady: "Ahh...sorry about that, any way you can register at the principal's office and here, take these before you go."

She handed me a schedule, a map, and a student identity card.

"Alright thank you for your time mam."

She said you're welcome and after that, I went to the principal's office, I'm quite lucky honestly as the hall was empty and all the students were in their classes now, to be honest, I'm not that excited but I'm curious.


Anyway, I arrived at the principal's office easily because of the map, I knocked at the door three times and heard a voice from inside.

Principal: "You can come in."

I went in and saw a man in his middle age with balding hair, I didn't say anything and waited for him.

Principal: "Please sit down and put down the registration papers."

I quickly put the papers on the desk, he picked the papers, signed down the papers, and asked me to sign them too.

Principal: "Well... Mikael Godfrey, welcome to Forks High School, I hope you enjoyed being here and have a great time."

"Thank you, sir," He said 'of course' before sending me out of the office.

'Hmm...so I'll be going to school the same day as Bella did.' I thought while checking the schedule and began walking out of the school area. I picked up my bike again and went home.

But before going home, I changed my mind and went to the music store.


(At music store)

I entered the establishment and asked the clerk if I was there to just look around at the guitars, DVDs, and cassettes. I went to the guitar section and I was silenced.


'WTF is this?' I checked their price tags and all of them are mostly expensive, from the expensive ones to the cheapest, $3500 - $2500 - $1500 - $1000 - $500 - and the cheapest one was $200, but it was a second-hand guitar so I don't want that, in the end, I'm interested in the $1000 one because it looks good, and the maintenance kit is included.

But of course, I won't buy that for now, I have to grind first, so I move to the DVDs and cassettes section.

I picked one and take a look at it, 'who the fuck is this?' I was surprised because the artist's name was different from what I remembered, "Hot Play", I picked another five, "Avenged twenty flip", "Emynem", "Lincoln Park", "Maroon 6", and "49,9 Cent."

'T-this...isn't this good for me? I thought while looking at their title, I smiled widely as I knew that all of these were different from the original.

I excitedly went to the clerk and said,

"Hey can you keep the $1000 guitar one for me please, I promise I'll be back in two days"

Clerk: "Fine....." he rolled his eyes

I said thank you and I left the store, before going home I decided to go to the grocery store and I bought 5 tea boxes, spices, fruits, vegetables, kitchenware, utensils, some beef and chicken, all of that emptied my pocket and I was left with $100, I was hurt, but where is the blood?

Anyway, I immediately went back home and parked the bike back in the garage before I said something to it.

"Hmm mm...you've been a good bike, then I shall reward you with a name, and that would be... Steve... yep just Steve."

After that, I unlocked the door, went inside, and took a shower before making some dinner and a cup of tea.

I put down the teacup and stood up.

"Well then... Shall we?" I put on a disguise, as one of the annoying 'young masters' I've known from Murim and began my first act as the Vengeance.

"First stop... Seattle." I went on the balcony, summoned my sword, and began flying to Seattle with my sword.





Authors Note:

Well, I decided to put some musical element on this as I was inspired by some novels on the Web novel and I really like it, because why not, Twilight already is cringe anyway so I'll put more fuel into it, I already have some in my list but I also need your suggestion for the music here, but keep in mind, "Only Romance Music", so no rap or all of that, as to be honest I didn't like rap that much.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day :)

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