Treacherous Serenade Of Love

"Do you love me?" "Yes. I do." "Do you love me?" "Yes... Yes..." "Do you love me?" "Why are you asking the same question? Of course, I love you." "Then why did you lie to me?" "..............." ---------- Following a tragic accident, Li Rong found herself without any memory of her past. She was confronted with a complete stranger claiming to be her husband, a person who appeared aloof and uncommunicative. Initially, she found it perplexing that she had ever married someone with such distant demeanor. Nevertheless, her amnesia left her with no choice but to adapt and attempt to build a connection with this enigmatic man. "Why is he acting so cold to me if he is my husband?" "Does all husbands treat their wife like this?" When she finally began to trust her husband, the storm of her past flashed across her present and destroyed everything between her and her husband, Li Shaoqing. What will she do? Will she forget everything and continue her marriage ? Or, Will she drown herself in the never ending quest of revenge? ---------- This is my second novel. Hope you will like it. IF you like this novel you can check out my other work, My gay husband is a pervert : https://www.webnovel.com/book/my-gay-husband-is-a-pervert_13082767506661705 The cover is not mine. I just edited it.

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Chapter 7

This is Li Rong's first time to see the whole house with the lights on.

When she left her room the first thing she saw was the large hall from upstairs.

She held the railing and stood there for a moment to have a good look of the house.

Right in the middle of the house there is this large hall where there is only a black sofa set and a TV. On the right, she could see the dining room. The dinning room area is placed is an open space. There is no door to the dinning room. People sitting in the hall can see everything in the dining room. In the dining room, only a large dining table can be seen. The design of the table and chair was luxurious. The top of the table is made of glass. It was so clear that Li Rong could see through it.

On the left, Li Rong saw a glass partition with a glass door. That side was still dark, so Li Rong couldn't figure out what was in there.

After having a good look, Li Rong started to walk towards Li Shaoqing's room.

She walked through the curved stairs as she looked around the house.

When she reached the floor, the first thing that caught her attention was the large glass wall just below the upstair corridor.

Through the glass she could see the garden and then the dark forest a far.

Even though it was a full moon night, the forest still seemed dark to her.

Again, an unknown chill surrounded her slender body.

She shook her head to divert her mind then looked towards the dinning room.

She went close to the dining table and saw the kitchen at the end of the dining room.

To her surprise there was no maid in the kitchen.

'The nurse may be responsible for my diet. But what about his meal?' she couldn't help wonder.

Not only that the house is neat and clean.

Who cleans the house if there is no one but she and the nurse in the house?

Of course, Li Shaoqing doesn't have this much time to clean the house.

While she was lost in her thoughts her eyes fell on the dark room with glass partition. Her feet subconsciously made her walk towards the dark room.

Now that she came close to that room she saw that it is a swimming pool.

The ceiling of the swimming pool is made of glass.

The moonlight piercing through the glass ceiling is reflecting from the water of the pool making the water glitter like diamonds.

Li Rong was mesmerized to see the water as if it was her first time to see the water sparkle.

She came out of her daze when she heard a sound coming from Li Shaoqing's room.

That's when she remembered why she came downstairs.


"Did he forget his promise?" She murmured.

Even though she is still not sure about this man's identity in her life, but if he is indeed her husband then this type of behavior is really unwary.

"Ready or not you have to tell me everything today." Li Rong clenched her fist and took a deep breath then marched towards her husband's room.

She didn't think much and let herself come in without any knock.

"Li Shaoqing, you have some unfinished...." She couldn't finish her words as she was astounded to see the irresistable figure in front her.

Li Shaoqing has just finished taking a shower and was drying his hair. He was only wearing a towel covering his lower part but his broad chest was exposed.

He has a broad-shouldered well built physique. During the two or three meetings that Li Rong had with Li Shaoqing, he always had his hair tired to a neat small bun behind. But now his hair was not tied. His wet hair was wavy in shape and it nearly reached his shoulder. Water was still dripping from his hair and ran through his chiseled abs all the way down the towel.

His beautifully sculped face was already mesmerizing to her and with this tempting scene made her speechless.

As a whole his well toned body was a treat to watch.

Li Rong was almost lost in her fantasy. But it didn't take her long to come back.

She tightened her grip on the doorknob and shook her head.

"I... I was..." But she was interrupted in the middle.

"Don't you know how to knock!" He asked in a bone chilling voice.

He had an ugly frown on his face.


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