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Treacherous Serenade Of Love


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"Do you love me?" "Yes. I do." "Do you love me?" "Yes... Yes..." "Do you love me?" "Why are you asking the same question? Of course, I love you." "Then why did you lie to me?" "..............." ---------- Following a tragic accident, Li Rong found herself without any memory of her past. She was confronted with a complete stranger claiming to be her husband, a person who appeared aloof and uncommunicative. Initially, she found it perplexing that she had ever married someone with such distant demeanor. Nevertheless, her amnesia left her with no choice but to adapt and attempt to build a connection with this enigmatic man. "Why is he acting so cold to me if he is my husband?" "Does all husbands treat their wife like this?" When she finally began to trust her husband, the storm of her past flashed across her present and destroyed everything between her and her husband, Li Shaoqing. What will she do? Will she forget everything and continue her marriage ? Or, Will she drown herself in the never ending quest of revenge? ---------- This is my second novel. Hope you will like it. IF you like this novel you can check out my other work, My gay husband is a pervert : https://www.webnovel.com/book/my-gay-husband-is-a-pervert_13082767506661705 The cover is not mine. I just edited it.


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