Treacherous Serenade Of Love

"Do you love me?" "Yes. I do." "Do you love me?" "Yes... Yes..." "Do you love me?" "Why are you asking the same question? Of course, I love you." "Then why did you lie to me?" "..............." ---------- Following a tragic accident, Li Rong found herself without any memory of her past. She was confronted with a complete stranger claiming to be her husband, a person who appeared aloof and uncommunicative. Initially, she found it perplexing that she had ever married someone with such distant demeanor. Nevertheless, her amnesia left her with no choice but to adapt and attempt to build a connection with this enigmatic man. "Why is he acting so cold to me if he is my husband?" "Does all husbands treat their wife like this?" When she finally began to trust her husband, the storm of her past flashed across her present and destroyed everything between her and her husband, Li Shaoqing. What will she do? Will she forget everything and continue her marriage ? Or, Will she drown herself in the never ending quest of revenge? ---------- This is my second novel. Hope you will like it. IF you like this novel you can check out my other work, My gay husband is a pervert : https://www.webnovel.com/book/my-gay-husband-is-a-pervert_13082767506661705 The cover is not mine. I just edited it.

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Chapter 4

Since the doctor gave her a strong sedative Rong didn't wake up for several hours.


9 PM

A white marcedes stopped at the gate of the mansion.

The mansion is a little distant from the locality so there is no other buildings or mansions nearby.

As the car stopped, the driver came out hurriedly and opened the passenger door.

A man in his early 30s came out from the car. There was no hurry on his motion. His right hand is tucked in his pant pocket as he gracefully entered his mansion.

He doesn't have perfectly trimmed short hair which is common to any other CEO. His shoulder length, dark black hair is combbed behind and tied into a neat and small bun. His dark black pupils have no emotions. The beard on his cheeks are perfectly shaved but the french beard around his lips gave roughness on his pale handsome face.

He pressed the password of the main door and entered without making any sound.

It is a two storied duplex mansion but there was no servant. He put his shoes on the rack and changed into a comfortable pair of slippers.

He was going to his room casually but suddenly the nurse from before ran from upstairs and blocked his way.

"Mr. Li" the nurse greeted.

The man, named Li Shaoqing knitted his eyebrows.

"Didn't I tell you not to come in front me. I don't want any disturbance." He said with heavy voice.

"Unless she wakes up." He heard a familiar voice from the living room. He turned on his left to see Doctor Lily sitting casually on the sofa.

A tint of annoyance surfaced on his rough but handsome face.

"You don't want anybody in front of you in this house. So you pay your servants to manage your household works and cook for you only when your are not home and strictly ordered them to leave before you return. On the other hand, you hired this nurse to nurse her for the last three months. But the nurse cannot be seen in front of you. Not only that if there is any emergency she has to call me, not you? What a ridiculous thing." Lilly said while drinking a cup of Jasmine Tea.

"She is awake?" He came straight to the point. There was no change in his expression.

"Yes. But as I expected because of her head injury she cannot remember anything."

"She can't remember anything?" The crease on his forehead became more complex.

"Yes. Not a single thing." She confirmed.

"Did you called him?" He asked.

"That troublemaker?" Lilly sighed. Then she added, " Yes, he is on his way."


It was 10 o'clock in the night when Rong woke up.

She woke up with a frown because of the headache. As she woke up she saw doctor Lilly sitting next to her.

"Doctor..." She said in dry voice.

"You are awake? Calm down at first and drink this soup. Your nurse warmed it just now."

She helped her to sit and gave her the bowl of soup.

"It's alright, dear. You are completely fine. Even though you can't remember anything you don't have to worry." Lilly tried to comfort her as she fed her the soup.

Rong gave her a confused expression.

"Your name is Rong, Li Rong. And that is your husband, Li Shaoqing."

Rong looked at the balcony and saw a 6 feet tall figure coming out of the white curtains that was flowing with the wind. He came next to her bed tucking both his hands inside his pocket.

Inspite of being happy to be able to know her name and her family, Rong was intimidated because of his rough appearance.

"H...hi.. I am... sorry that I can't remember you."

She thought that if this person in front of her is her husband, her memory loss might be painful to him. So she tried to act normal to him.

But instead, the person named Li Shaoqing replied very coldly, "It's okay."

As if he didn't care.


There was a moment of silence in the room. Only the breezing sound of wind could be heard.

'It's okay? Seriously!' Lilly couldn't believe Li Shaoqing would reply in such a way. How can this emotionless person handles such a big conglomerate company as the 'Helios'.

"Cough... Cough... It's been a while that he saw you awake. He is just having a little problem to control his emotions now that he is seeing you sitting in front of him. He ran straight home as soon as he heard that you are awake." Lilly tried to make things normal between them.

"Oh... I am sorry that I made you worry." Rong replied apologetically to Li Shaoqing.

"It's okay." He replied the same words again with same expression.

"Hahaha..." Rong laughed softly as she heard him saying the same thing.

'May be he is indeed happy to see me.' Rong thought.

"You take some rest. I will talk with Shaoqing about your medicines."

Rong looked confusedly at Lilly as in why this woman is calling him by his name?

"Oh... See? No woman likes other woman to call her husband by name. I am sorry I forgot to introduce myself properly. I am Chen Lilly, your doctor and your husband's friend."

"Please don't take me wrong. It's just that everything is new to me. So may be my response was not appropriate. I am sorry if I hurt you." Rong replied politely.

"No, it's okay. I was also pulling your leg. You take some rest now and I will take my leave."

saying so, Lilly and Shaoqing left Rong alone.