3 Chapter 3

3 months after that night.....

'Mm..... My head... It feels so heavy....'

Rong could hardly open her eyes. She removed the pieces of hair falling on her face and tried to open her eyes. The moment she opened her eyes, she found herself in an unfamiliar room.

She looked at the wall clock and saw that it was 12 PM.

She was lying in a king size golden bed. The room had a very few furnitures. A bed, a sofa and a cabinet. There were not many furnitures but they looked expensive. On the right side to her bed was an open door to the balcony. The cold breeze from the south came from the balcony making the white curtains fly.

She shivered a little.

She was only wearing a white colored cotton night gown. The V-nech neckline of the gown was adorned with white lace. The puffy sleeves made the night gown look pretty.

Her dress smelled nice as if she had just wore this finely washed dress.

She looked around herself but there was no one except her in the room.

Rong tried to get off from the bed on her right side and pressed her legs on the soft carpet.

But since she had been in coma for months now, she didn't had any strength on her feet. Hence as soon as she tried to stand up, she fell on the carpet.

Seeing her sore leg made her panic a little. She tried to massage her legs so that she could feel anything. Then she again tried to stand up with the help of other furnitures. She then tried to walk to the balcony. It was not not a smooth way for her. But she managed to go to the balcony with the help of wall and furnitures.

When she went to the balcony, she looked outside. But there were no one as well. She looked down from the railing and saw a garden adorned with flowers and vegetable plants. The garden ended with a large empty yard. No one knows where it ended.

Far from her house she could see dark bushes of trees. She didn't know why but she didn't like those bushes. Some how she got an eerie feeling from them.

After taking some fresh air Rong turned around only to find a nurse frozen at her spot and looking at her with eyes wide opened.

"Exc...cu..se" Rong tried to ask her about this place but her throat was dry and she had a little difficulty to talk.

But before she could finish her talk the nurse screamed, "Miss has woken up." And she ran out of the room.

Rong was confused. She tried to follow her but her body didn't have much strength. She stumbled a few times as she followed the nurse. As she left her room she was about to fall but the nurse caught her in time.

"What are you doing, miss? If anything happens to you Mr. Li will fire me."

"Mr..... Li?" Rong asked in confusion.

"You don't know who Mr. Li is?" The nurse asked.

Rong shook her head in reply.

"Miss, you take some rest in here. I will go and call your doctor." The nurse helped her to rest and went out to make a call.

Rong wanted to look outside but her head was hurting. She tried to massage it a bit with her eyes closed.

After about half an hour the doctor came.

"How are you feeling, Miss?" The doctor named Chen Lilly came in with a sweet smile.

"I ha....ve some head...ache." she was still having difficulty to talk.

"You still need some rest to recover completely. You will feel better if you take rest and eat healthy food." Lilly said.

Rong nodded in reply.

"Miss do you remember your name?" The doctor asked.

"Yes, of course. Why wouldn't I know that? My name is....." Rong's mind became completely blank.

"My name...." No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't remember her name. She started to become anxious. Not only that, she couldn't remember anything about herself. Who she was? What did she do? Nothing!

"I don't remember anything." She became so panicked that she started to cry.

"Doctor, who am I? Why don't I remember anything? What.... What happened to me?"

She became so much out of control that the doctor had to give her sedative to make her fall asleep.


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