2 Chapter 2

1 year ago....

"Hufff... Huffff...." A 27 year old girl named Rong is panting vigorously as she is running on an empty street in the middle of the night.

Her body has already given up. But she can't stop now. She has to save her life.

Her whole body is covered with blood. But the blood is not hers. She has bruses all over her body. The dark night was already too much for her, but the addition of rain has made it even more difficult for her to escape.

The rain is washing away the blood from her body and leaving traces behind.

"Don't worry, dad. I will not let him have it. I promise. I will protect it with my life and bring justice to you." She said to herself as she wiped away the tears from her face.

A number of people were chasing after her. They did not seem like good people. Everyone had weapons in their hand.

"Stop right there."

"Do you think you can escape?"

"Tell us where did you hide it?"

"This bitch is giving us a hard time."

They fired in the air twice. They have to capture her alive. But the girl didn't even try to look behind. She is running and running. She tripped on the road a couple of times. But she still didn't stop.

Suddenly a black car came from the right.

It hit her with great force and threw her few metres away from the car.


A man wearing a black raincoat came out of the car. His face is hidden with the hood of the black raincoat.

He walked towards her elegantly. He stood next her and saw the blood flowing out from her head.

"Is this bitch dead?" He asked the other people to check.

One of them checked her breathing and pulse.

"No, sir. She is alive."

The lips of that man curved into a devil's smile.

"Put her in my car. Delete the cctv of this area. And don't let anybody know about it."


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