1 Chapter 1

The buzzing sound of the crowd is making everything hazy in the hospital.

The stinky smell of medicine and alcohol that can make anyone's nose feel uncomfortable has no effect on Li Shaoqing.

"Open your eyes, Rong."

"Why did you do this?"

"Please don't punish me like this."

"You can't leave me like this."

"I cannot live without you."

"You promised to grow old with me."

"You... you can't break your promise."

"Please, I beg you. Don't leave me."

A stretcher is carrying a 28 years old Li Rong to the operation room. White colored foam is flowing out from her mouth.

Her long silky hair is getting wet with the foam. Her eyes are closed.

Her husband Li Shaoqing is running with the doctors. Seeing his wife in this state has made him go crazy.

He had planned so many things for them. He was about to tell her the truth that day. But who would have thought before he could get the chance to tell her, she would leave him ruthlessly.

The stretcher ran towards the OT. The doctors left him behind as the door got closed.

"Please don't leave me, Rong... Please.... don't..... leave..." These were the words he kept murmuring as his eyes were fixed at the door.

Who would have thought the man who is known as one of the most powerful person in the city is now sitting on his knees on the cold floor outside the OT and looking at the closed door helplessly.


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