89 TTW Chapter 89: Eren

The axe fell to the ground with a loud clang.

At the same time, the big man's body collapsed, blood flowing as a noticeable thumb-sized hole appeared on his forehead.

Everyone present was shocked by what they saw.

Except for one person, Mikasa, who was scared and staring blankly at the gap in the door.

"Was he shot?"

The big man's companion paused for a moment, then quickly became alert, turning to look behind him. He saw a speeding carriage approaching, driven by a slim young man who seemed fearless.

The carriage's curtain was lifted, revealing the face of a noble and stern-looking man.

He was the one responsible for the attack.

"Damn it! You're dead!"

Having found his target, the big man's anger surged. The technology in the world of Titans was primitive, and although firearms existed, they were mostly old-style single-shot long guns that required reloading with special tools after each shot.

So, this guy believed that Lin Yi "couldn't fire a second shot."

With this thought, the big man picked up his companion's dropped axe and hurled it directly at Lin Yi, aiming for him.

"Be careful, sir."

Herys warned, tightening the reins in an attempt to stop the carriage.


Another gunshot rang out. In the defiant and incredulous gaze of the big man, he fell with a thud in the rain, the water washing away the blood from his body.

And the axe he threw was easily dodged by Lin Yi.

Mikasa's mother let out a sigh of relief, seemingly drained of all her strength. She suddenly slumped to the ground, then quickly crawled to Mikasa's side, hugging her and sobbing loudly.

Mikasa also burst into tears.

Lin Yi's expression softened. In his plan, he didn't intend to use the death of Mikasa's parents to trigger her fighting talent.

He didn't need more fighters; he needed loyal individuals.

"Unfortunately, I am the owner of the Lin Family Trading Company. I came here originally to find the Ackerman brother to purchase some beast skins and expand our merchandise. I didn't expect to encounter this kind of situation."

"If I had arrived earlier, maybe I could have prevented this tragedy."

Lin Yi got off the carriage, politely declined Herys's offer to hold an umbrella, and comforted Mikasa's mother.

Hearing this, Mikasa's mother stopped crying and composed herself. She recognized Lin Yi as a well-known and kind-hearted merchant in the Shiganshina District. She had purchased some supplies from his trading company before.

She thanked him and said, "Sir, if you hadn't come today, my daughter and I wouldn't know what to do."

Lin Yi sighed and took a look around the simple furnishings in the house, noticing the embroidery on the table. He asked, "Did you do this embroidery, madam?"

"Yes, it was me," Mikasa's mother replied, still a bit puzzled.

"Madam, your skill is excellent. The Lin Family Trading Company is planning to add some textiles to our merchandise. If you don't mind, you can hand over your finished embroidery to us for sale, and we'll only take a small commission."

Mikasa's mother was quick to understand. The generous merchant was offering them an opportunity to earn a living after the sudden loss of their family's provider.

She expressed her gratitude and readily agreed to the arrangement, and Lin Yi graciously accepted it.

Soon, the police arrived and handled the situation. Mikasa and her mother cried again, but the rain washed away the smell of blood, making it seem as if nothing had happened.

In gratitude for Lin Yi saving their lives and providing employment opportunities, Mikasa's mother repeatedly invited him to stay for a meal, and Lin Yi obliged.

As she busied herself in the kitchen, only Mikasa was left at the door. Herys was giving his statement to the police, providing evidence.

The police were unusually diligent in this case, wanting to please the prominent merchant.

"Are you feeling better now?"

Lin Yi looked at Mikasa, who was still in a daze, and asked suddenly.

Although Mikasa was young, she was exceptionally sharp.

"How did you do that?"

"What do you mean?"

Lin Yi was taken aback.

Mikasa suddenly pointed at the gap in the door where a thumb-sized stone was wedged. Throughout the whole incident, Lin Yi never fired a gun; he simply used two stones like marbles.

Lin Yi couldn't help but smile; his keen eyesight allowed him to notice that.

She truly was a born warrior, and this keenness had been evident since childhood.

"If you want to learn, I can teach you in the future. You can come to the trading company whenever you like."

Mikasa nodded.

This was another display of her intelligence. Lin Yi smiled, knowing that during the police questioning, Mikasa had chosen to remain silent about this detail.

Everyone assumed that Lin Yi had killed the two traffickers with his firearm, which wasn't unreasonable since he was a prominent merchant who carried self-defense weapons.

"Hello, Azumabito, how's Ackerman doing?"

Not far away, a middle-aged man wearing a wool sweater, holding an umbrella, and wearing glasses rushed over anxiously.

Behind him was a boy about Mikasa's age.

"I heard from the police about what happened at your home…" The middle-aged man's voice faltered, and he could tell from Mikasa's expression that he already knew the situation.

"Grisha, is that you?"

Mikasa's mother recognized the man's voice and identified him as Grisha, one of the few doctors in the Shiganshina District.

As for the identity of the boy behind him, it was self-evident—it was Eren, the protagonist of the world of Titans!



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