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Akame Ga Kill : Dawn of Fate

From chains to unrivaled glory Davis sheltered from the reality of proper experience was dealt an unfair hand; but when he appears in a tower and a voice reaches out to him all for the sake of entertainment, the life of Davis takes a turn for the unexpected much to all around and beyond him. ///I own no charcters and titles of any related books, songs, etc; except for multiple original Ocs, locations, and backstories I intend to write into the story, one of said characters is the MC the others, will be in the story./// This story will be mostly written in First Person P.O.V. / Third Person P.O.V will be written for every other character or when applicable. Disclamer : I do not own the following: Akame Ga Kill TypeMoon Fate These belong to their original creators and companies. Please give support to them.

UpperSunOne · War
Not enough ratings
36 Chs

One Piece MAX!

What if the strawhat pirates had more crewmenbers? as in more than luffy's estimated 7 number. And what if they were composed of people from other anime universes? title to be changed if it's from an existing fic. One piece & xover fanfic. Borrowed idea by raptor10. All the credits go to him. (Character request by comments or PM: open) Current arc: Orange town

Kaindol · Action
Not enough ratings
3 Chs

Out of Spite

When left with nothing but what you have on in the middle of a desert, what’s a man gotta do but to survive out of spite?

TheFalling · Action
Not enough ratings
1 Chs

The Hollow God of Greece

(None of the images, unless specified, are mine and belong to their respective owners)(one piece, bleach, sds, etc are not mine as well as any characters in the story unless specified) Ares, Hercules, and Perseus come to mind when people think of the children of Zeus. The majority of people are unaware that he had another son. Eneru, or Enel as the Roman's called him, was the name of the child. He was the god of the sky, thunder, lightning, storms, darkness, calamity, destruction, souls, beasts, and judgment. He was the Greek pantheon's strongest deity and had no equal. His tale is told here.

DaoistP8rSJO · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
4 Chs