Arabella Watson- female, seventeen years old. The second and youngest daughter of the Watson family. The ugly one and the unfavourable one. She was the exact opposite of her older sister who is the apple of their parents' eyes.

Her sister Adriana is blessed with the beauty genes of her parents. She had long flowing blonde hair with bright blue eyes and pink lips that reminds you of delicate flower petals.

Arabella, on the other hand, didn't look anything like that. She had curly brown hairs that tangled at the slightest touch, her brown eyes were way too big for her face that she had to put on an eyeglass. She was completely hideous when she stood next to her sister, her beauty was priceless.

She always wondered if she was truly a daughter of the Watson's family and not an adopted child because none of her parents were ugly or born with big brown eyes.

In school, she felt insignificant next to her every time guys openly hit on her or asked her out and they all pretended like she didn't even exist though she was standing next to her but she really didn't care since that's how it all was supposed to be.

Arabella had always had a crush on the bad boy and hottest guy in school which is Ambrose Grey. Ambrose wasn't one of those bad boys you read in romance novels. You know the ones that are rough on the outside but secretly a softy on the inside. He was the actual devil, a bully and also some secretly refer to him as an immortal. It was weird that Arabella could actually have a crush on someone like him who doesn't even know if she exists or not and doesn't care. But who was she kidding?

Not until one day, Ambrose walked up to her and told her he liked her. At first, confusion clouded her face and her thoughts became hazy as she just stared at him expecting it to be just a dream not until Ambrose tapped her on the shoulder and repeated the same words. There was no emotion on his face that showed excitement but pure solemness.

His offer had shocked and flattered Arabella, because Ambrose was in his early twenties and she was sure his taste didn't run to schoolgirls or rather minors like her. He was remote and unapproachable most of the time, not as if he even noticed her in school. She'd loved him for so long, and ached for him. And then, that day, all her dreams had come through when he'd ask her out.

Arabella didn't understand why a boy like him would like a girl like her but her stupid, innocent self immediately confessed her feelings to him and since then they started dating. Everyone in school didn't look surprised, rather some laughed at Arabella while others stared at her with pity but all of this was oblivious to her.

It has been a year since they've been dating and today happened to be Arabella's 18th birthday.

Arabella stared at the girl before her, and her nervous eyes behind those black-rimmed glasses were also set on her. She tucked a strayed strand on her hair and bit her lip as she stared at herself in the mirror.

" Are you done with staring at yourself? " A huff came from behind her. " For crying out loud! You have been doing this for ten minutes. You're making me cringe! "

Arabella glanced at her best friend through the mirror. With folded arms on her chest, sitting at the edge of her bed, she scowled at her.

" I don't know, Pene. Do you think he will like my new look? I still look ugly. "

" Why wouldn't he like your look? You guys had sex the day before. You gave him your virginity so why wouldn't he like your new look. " Penelope rolled her eyes at her friend's childish behaviour.

" You didn't have to tell that out loud. " She mumbled nervously as her cheeks reddened as the images of the day before flashed into her memories. She could still feel aches in between her legs and that was a sign that she was no longer a virgin.

" I'm sure he would be head over heels in love with you if he sees you in this dress. You're looking stunning! " Penelope assured her, smiling.

" Isn't this dress too short, Pene? " She mumbled under her breath. Though she wanted to wear something like Adriana but she was uncomfortable in them. Her sister always looked so damn good in those tight dresses and she had once caught Ambrose staring at her sister but she decided to ignore it.

" It's not short. It's your eighteenth birthday so cheer up. "

" Alright, I'm ready. "

When they reached the hall, she couldn't help but keep fidgeting in her place. Her hands were clammy and her chest thudded. She was nervous for tonight's meeting with Ambrose. And her short dress made her more uncomfortable. How was she going to face him? After they made love the day before he had driven her back to the house and he didn't even spare her a glance and remained quiet throughout the journey, since then he hadn't called her as he usually did or even wished her happy birthday in the morning. She wondered what was wrong and decided to ask him when he arrived at her birthday party.

Arabella spotted her mom and dad in the crowd. They stood close to each other, as always conversing with some people she was sure were their business partners.

" Happy birthday, Bella. " Penelope whispered into her ears and Arabella smiled still waiting for her parents to notice her and walk up to her to wish her happy birthday but none of that happened.

She looked around. He should've been here by now. He'd promised he'd be here tonight. And he never broke his promises to her ever since they had been dating.

The crowd cheered as Adriana climbed down the stairs in a dramatic way with the spotlight on her. In a red mid-thigh dress, Adriana beauty was beyond words. She smiled down at the camera as her group of friends clapped and whistled widely. As expected she was the one given more attention to than the birthday girl herself.

" I still don't understand what's wrong with these people. It's your birthday and yet none of them even noticed you. " Penelope said as she fumed in anger.

" I'm used to it. " Arabella whispered.

Excusing herself, she aimlessly wandered around the people. But there wasn't still any sign of Ambrose.

Where is he?

" Ouch! "

Colliding into a hard chest, she stumbled back. A pair of arms circled around her waist.

Mysterious dark eyes stared down at her. " Ara? " His forehead creased as he straightened her on her feet. His eyes roamed up and down her body, his lips tightening. " What the hell are you wearing? " His voice came out deep.

Her eyes widened. Didn't he like her appearance? Or was it that she still looked ugly?

" Huh? Why? Don't I look good? " She bit her lip. " I thought you'd like it. "

His frown deepened as he gaze her up and down. " You're still no different from your former self. " With that, he walked away with a snort.

Her heart fell. She looked down at herself and wondered what was wrong with her. Why was he so distant? And why was she so ugly?

" Do you actually think dressing like that would make him love you? " A sharp voice spoke behind her and she turned to look at Adriana.

" He's my boyfriend. He loves me. " She said, frowning.

" How do you know? Don't be foolish, Arabella. Just because he's your boyfriend doesn't make him harbour any kind of feelings for you. " Her voice was harsh, grabbing her arm. " You're not his type. You're just a plaything! "

Her words stung Arabella like a sharp knife. " You're just jealous he chose me. " With that, she snatched her arm from her grip.

" Are you sure he chose you? Don't be heartbroken when you find out the truth. "

" What truth? He loves me and I'm sure of that. " She retorted, her hands shaking. She didn't understand why Adriana was saying all this but she didn't want to hear any hurtful words from her so she decided to walk away.

" Stay away from him, Arabella. He isn't the one for you. "

" Arabella! " Her dad called her immediately she walked away from Adriana.

" Dad, " She replied, smiling.

" Happy birthday daughter. " He said, hugging her tight.

" Thanks Dad. " She replied with a smile after he released her from the hug.

Her dad was the only one who still cared a little for her in the family and she loved him so dearly although he wasn't usually around and always going on business trips.

" You look different. " He complimented her dress with a warm smile.

" I know but I still feel uncomfortable in it. " She hummed a reply.

" You don't have to impress anyone. If you don't feel comfortable in the dress, go up and change into a comfortable one. " He said.

" I will, dad. What… " She was cut off as a friend of her father's walked up to him and that's how he was taken away from her sight.

She sighed deeply. She felt so empty inside. Her eyes wandered round the crowd for a moment looking for Ambrose but he was nowhere to be found. Twenty minutes passed and there was still no sign of him.

Letting out a sigh, she climbed up the stairs. The party was still going in a full swing. Where was he? She stood at the balcony as she searched round the dancing population for him. But he still was nowhere in sight.

Sighing in disappointment, she decided to go back into her room. And accept the fact that her birthday was a complete numb as always.

Just when she was about to enter the room, she heard something. More like moans and clamping of flesh. She wondered who could be making such a strange noise and decided to take a peek.

She froze immediately and slowly moved inside where the noise was coming from.

Her heart stopped in her chest as her breath hitched at her throat. Her hands shook at her side, as she took in the sight before her.

His hands were wrapped tightly around her waist and hers were around his neck; one hand tugged at his hair as their mouth worked on each other's in a passionate but rough kiss. Not even an inch of space was left between them.

Their every moan and groan hit her heart like thousand stabs of knives, shattering it into millions of pieces.

His hands roamed around her body as he pulled her closer. Her heart squeezed so hard that she had to clutch her hand to her chest. A sob threatened to escape her lips but she covered her mouth with her hand.

" Hm... would you tell her tonight? " Adriana moaned in between their kiss.

" Yes, "

Tears streamed from her eyes down her cheeks and she ran away before a sob came out from her lips.

She ran into the room and closed the door, letting out an agonising sob. Tears blinded her vision as she still had her hand on her chest that was painful physically. She could feel her insides breaking.

She heard Penelope knocking on the door, telling her to come out to cut the cake but she couldn't speak. She remained on the floor in her dark room crying her heart out as she remembered Adriana's hurtful words, so all this while…

They played her!

The visions of them tangled around each other's arms flashed across her mind again and again, making it hurt more.

How could he do this to her with her own sister? How could she do this to her? Why did they do this to her?

She stayed on the cold floor for the entire night, cradling her heart, mourning the loss of her love and the thought of giving her virginity to a man whose heart wasn't hers.

They played her.

To be continued...

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