Trap Of Arabella Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Trap Of Arabella


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Arabella was the second and youngest daughter of her parents. The ugly and the unfavourable one. She had always had a crush on the school's hottest bad boy but he had not for once noticed her. Finally, one day, he approached her and confessed his feelings for her, but she soon discovered that everything he had ever said to her had been a lie. When she witnessed her so-called boyfriend having sex with her sister, she realized she was simply a pawn in their scheme. She was a bet he had to win, and he did. But Arabella later found out that her sister was keeping a secret that could destroy him, away from him. When Arabella confronted her, her sister surprised her by pushing her off the cliff. After seven years, Arabella has returned with a new identity and is hungry for vengeance. Will she be able to exact her revenge, or will love prevent her from doing so? *** " One day, Ambrose would give up his mother, wife and company. And the woman whom he will sacrifice them for, will be Nova Clifford. " WSA Theme: Billionaire