3 Chapter 3: Goddess

A day has passed since Mo Xiu Ying became Li Xiu Ying. Nothing happened in a day and no one realized that a soul has been changed because Xiu Ying spent his time all day in his room.

Xiu Ying sat by the window, then back to the bed, then to the table, back to the window. From morning until night.

He's been thinking about what he should do. Even with the memories of the owner of this body, this place is too unfamiliar to him. If it's possible, he wants to stay in the room his whole life. But that can only be achieved if they have a smartphone and internet connection in this timeline. Without those two, he'll die of boredom.

While eating his lunch, Xiu Ying suddenly remembered about his "fashionable" robes in the wardrobe. Staying inside the room, Xiu Ying only wears his white inner-wear. He'll never put those things in the wardrobe onto his body. Thus, he decided to change all of it.

"Jing Yi, can you get me new sets of robes?"

"Young master....wants new robes?"

"Hmn. I want plain-colored ones. It is better if all in light colors." 'It is better if they got black or grey ones but a concubine wearing something like this at this time will only attract unwanted attention.'

The young servant blinks his eyes repeatedly and lowers his head. Playing with his fingers, "You- young master, actually....since young master said the clothes made by royal tailors is ugly, they won't ma- make clothes for you anymore. That's why...young master took everything from home."

Xiu Ying slaps his temple and sighs heavily. 'How ungrateful you are! You missed the chance of getting free clothes, you idiot bumpkin!'

"Alright then. Prepare to go out. I'm going to the market. I need new clothes."

"Yes, young master."

The two young men are going to the market by a simple-looking carriage, accompanied by two guards. It was to be expected from a hated concubine, no maids or guards will work for him willingly, except some that are sincerely working, without discrimination.

Jing Yi once in a while, glances at the other guy inside the carriage.

Xiu Ying looks excited and keeps on lifting the curtain to take a look outside the carriage. No signs of discomfort and whining, like every time the male concubine riding this worn-out carriage.

When the carriage stopped, Jing Yi was the first one to get off of it. He later held out his hand to help Xiu Ying.

Usually, people won't expect too much or care who is inside an old carriage but when a beautiful guy with fair skin, wearing a white robe, giving off the pure and innocent demeanor, perfect sculptured face, small red lips, and long hair that was set loose, swaying left and right when the wind hit it portraying such an alluring look, they can't help but stop and stare.

The guys were drooling and the girls staring in envy.

The man that is being stared at doesn't care about his surroundings. His eyes were already hooked to the market.

It takes a while for people to notice who is this guy that looks like a goddess.

"Wait! Is that the Prime Minister's youngest son?!" The girl's remark makes people around her widen their eyes.

"It can't be- Oh my God!! It is him! It's Li Xiu Ying!"

"No way....how can it be....."

It is to be expected people can't recognize him because he didn't wear any make-up, not even a thin layer of powder. He is going out with a bare face. He never discriminates against a guy wearing makeup.

Back then in his world, more guys were wearing makeup, even if they're not celebrities. But, Xiu Ying can never wear it.

As for his clothes, Xiu Ying chose the white robe, the most plain. But it only makes him look like a fairy. People keep murmuring when they walk past them.

Jing Yi couldn't help but show his smug face when he heard all of them are praising his young master. He scoffs, 'Ha! Now you know how pretty my young master is. All this while you guys keep on saying he is hideous, unsightly, but now, you guys are the one who is ugly here!'

"Hey! Jing Yi! I'm talking to you here. Why are you making that face?" Xiu Ying slaps Jing Yi's arm when the younger guy sneers while looking at the crowd.

"Sorry young master. I was lost in thought. What were you saying?" He rubs his nape.

"I asked you, do you know which shop sells robes with the cheapest price?"

"Oh. I know but are you sure you want to go there? The robes might not be so pretty."

"It's okay. As long as it is pleasing to the eyes. I don't need a fancy one."

Jing Yi stares at his young master in amusement. The old Xiu Ying always demands the most expensive and glamorous robes with various kinds of embroidery. But after three days of coma, his young master wants to wear a plain and cheap robe. What a humble person!

"Come, young master. I'll lead the way."

They walk around the market until they reach a shop at the end of the road. There is no other customer inside the shop and even the road is not as busy as before.

"Hello, young men. What are these two beautiful men doing in my shabby shop?" A lady in her 40s greeted them.

"Hello, ma'am. I'm looking for new robes. Can you show me something plain with soft-colored?" Xiu Ying said with a smile.

"Oh my. Never thought a beautiful guy like you wants to wear something from my old shop. It's okay. I'll take out the best ones for you. Wait a moment."

The lady takes out five to six robes and puts them on the counter for viewing. White inner robe with pale green on the outside, sky blue, cream color, light peach, light purple, and light yellow. Some of them have simple embroidery and some of them have none.

Xiu Ying feels satisfied with the color and design. "Okay, ma'am. I take all of these. And do you have three or four more like this? Please add them too."

The lady beams in happiness. It's been so long since people bought from her shop. She quickly takes out more robes according to Xiu Ying's requirements and packs them.

Xiu Ying feels happy looking at those robes. He even gives extra money to the lady and she keeps on thanking him. Other people might think it is too plain and only people from a common family would wear it but Xiu Ying prefers it to be that way.

'Well, no matter what young master wears, it's still gonna look pretty on him,' thought Jing Yi.

"Jing Yi, let's go and find a restaurant. I'm starving."

Jing Yi smiles faintly when he sees his young master is whining while rubbing his stomach. "Alright, young master. Let me take you to the best restaurant in town." Xiu Ying nods repeatedly.

When Xiu Ying steps into the restaurant, all heads turn to him and even some men are choked when they see him.



A waiter approaches them and Jing Yi quickly says, "We would like to have a private room please."

"Sure sure. Please come with me." The waiter leads them to the private room on the second floor. Jing Yi doesn't want those perverts staring at his young master so he asked for a private room.

While the waitresses serve the food on the table, Xiu Ying glances between the food and the bodyguards standing outside the room. "Guards." He called.

"Yes, my lady." The guard said without looking at him.

My lady is how usually people address a concubine but Xiu Ying is a male so he feels uncomfortable being called like that. However, he is not close with the guards so he can't ask them to call him young master, like Jing Yi did. "Guards, call your friend, the other one outside, and come eat with us." Both the guard and Jing Yi abruptly look at him in shock.

"Yo- young master. It is not proper for-" Jing Yi's words are cut off.

"It's okay. No one really cares. I bet even His Majesty won't care and he won't even know. Don't worry. Come and dine together. No one will come and attack this lowly concubine."

The guard hesitates but after being glared at by Xiu Ying, he quickly pulls the other guard into the room and they are forced to take a seat.

"Dig in. There are a lot of foods. Me and Jing Yi can't finish all of these with just two of us."

The bodyguards stay still so Jing Yi helps to put every dish inside the rice bowl and push it towards them. The bodyguards slowly reach out for the chopstick and start eating. They stay silent while listening to Xiu Ying and Jing Yi talking to each other. Once in a while, they steal a glance at Xiu Ying.

The concubine in front of them is different from the last time they saw him. He is no longer wearing makeup and fancy clothes, no more arrogance in his tone of voice and the most important is he is even prettier than before. They know it is wrong to look at the emperor's person but still, their eyes can't help but turn to the beautiful guy.

Their friends mock them whenever they have to accompany Xiu Ying but now they feel grateful for this opportunity. No other concubines will treat lowly bodyguards and servants like how Xiu Ying did. Thus, their perception of Xiu Ying has changed. They started to like the new Xiu Ying.

Once they've finished the food, the bodyguards quickly raise from the stool and bow to Xiu Ying. "Thank you for the food, my lady." They said in unison.

With a beautiful smile on his face, Xiu Ying said, "No worries. With me, there's no need for such formalities. Just act freely."

For the nth time, Xiu Ying surprised Jing Yi and the bodyguards. Xiu Ying, who is known for stressing his title and position in front of everyone, now asking them to forget the formalities and act freely? Is the sun going to rise from the west?

Feeling touched, the bodyguards kowtow again. "My lady. We're at your service anytime. Feel free to order us with anything."

"Thank you. By the way, can you guys tell me your name? It will be easier to call by your name."

"My lady. I'm Guo Wei." The taller guy with stubble and tan skin speaks up.

"My lady, my name is Chang Ming." The slightly shorter guy next to Guo Wei said.

"Alright. Guo Wei, Chang Ming, if I do have anything that needs your help, I'll call both of you. For now, let's go home."

"Yes my lady!"

[In a courtyard inside the palace]

The sound of cups thrown onto the ground can be heard even far from the courtyard and it makes the servants jolt and shrink the body.

"How can that slut still alive?! He was in a coma for three days and even you said the possibility of him regaining his consciousness is NONE! Then now you're telling me he's strolling happily at the market? Ha!"

"I- I'm sorry Young Lady. There is indeed no possibility of him waking up. Even the physicians confirmed it before." A female servant kneeling on the ground with her head going up and down, like a chicken pecking his food.

"Then who the hell that went out?!"

"I-I'm sorry. So- sorry young lady."

The woman who is wearing a revealing pink robe scoffs. "I don't need your sorry. I just need you to shut your mouth. Guards!"

"Take her away. And make sure she can't say or write anything afterward."

"No! Young lady please! Forgive me! NO! Young lady!" The guards drag away the pleading female servant.

The woman clenches her fist. "LI.XIU.YING. I guess, I'll play with you a little longer."

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