Transmigration: Wake Up as an Annoying Concubine Book

novel - LGBT+

Transmigration: Wake Up as an Annoying Concubine


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  • 65 Chs

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"Excessive face powder, striking bright color robes and such an annoying attitude?! Why the hell don't you just die?! Why must you robbed my soul into your body?!" Mo Xiu Ying was transmigrated into a body of an annoying concubine that was despised by everyone after he was hit by a van in the process of saving a girl. Emperor "Wifey... Don't run away" Li Xiuying "Didn't you say I'm annoying and ugly?! Then stay away!" Emperor "But you no longer wear that 10inches powder" Li Xiuying "........" Emperor "Wifey.. Your hubby is turn on. Take responsibility." Li Xiuying "I just untie my hair! which part it makes you turn on?!" Cover by guangshuang1