5 (5) One protagonist and two female leads

With his fairly handsome face and noble temperament, Lucas gathered a lot of attention as he entered the orphanage. 

"Woah, he looks hot, right?" 

"His clothes are of the top brand in the market..." 

"I want to talk to him!" 

Many voices reached Lucas, 'My face can win over any normal woman now, huh? I would have gladly gone along with them before, but why waste the time? I can find many more beautiful women now.' 

A caretaker walked to Lucas as soon, as he stood in the reception. 

"How can I help you sir?" The middle-aged woman spoke carefully, seeing Lucas's face, screaming 'Arrogance'. 

"Show me around the orphanage," Lucas spoke passively. He was not someone who liked to lower himself in the slightest. 

"Yes...Please this way." The caretaker felt horrible inside, she felt that Lucas came to find trouble for no reason. 

However, unlike the caretaker's expectation, Lucas looked at every child seriously, as he was taken to look at the children's play zone.

Lucas took his time looking around the place, seeing everyone's face once at a time. Soon a prompt appeared before him at last. 

[Ding! Protagonist discovered!]

[Name: Levon Gurfelt 

Age: 14

Protagonist aura: 38,990 

Special ability: Symphony physique: A special physique only inherited by the curhow clan. It gives the host a boost in growth by three times and mana affinity incomparable to anyone.]

A boy with golden hair and blazing red eyes could be seen playing with a group of kids, in the distance. From the way kids treated him like a superior, it was apparent how he was treated around here. 

'Fucking cheat character!' Lucas cursed with a blank face. He could actually not sense Levon's presence, in other words, he was weaker than him!

"Is something the matter sir?" 


Lucas turned away, acting like looking somewhere else.

'No, let's calm down. Strength doesn't mean everything, I don't have to even fight him right at the moment!'

'From the look of things, the story about this protagonist is yet to begin, and it would take quite a while too, looking at his current age. I have plenty of time to make him suffer.' 

Lucas's eyes grew sharper again, looking around rapidly. 

If there was a protagonist here, the female lead was a must too. 

And as he expected, he found one. 

[Ding! Female lead discovered!] 

[Name: Syuzia Gourellete 

Age: 14 

Female lead aura: 23,700 

Special ability: Dagger and shadow manipulation (Latent talent)]

'An assassin?'

A lonesome girl, with short black hair and blood-red eyes, sat in one corner of the play zone, giving off a gloomy atmosphere. 

"That boy, how long has it been since he came here?" Lucas pointed at Levon. 

"Eh? I guess it's been around a month since I first saw him. So it should be around a month, I guess...?"

Lucas executed the next question: "How about that girl?" Pointing at Syuzia. 

"....She has been here for a few months." 

"I see." Lucas felt gloomy internally, he could not sense Syuzia either, she was stronger than him. 

'Every protagonist and female lead are off the roof for goodness sake. I am no match for them, the way I am right now...' 

Lucas suddenly smiled with ferocity. 

'That is until I play clean, yeah....' 

Suddenly, another prompt reached him as he saw a blonde girl throw a ball. 

[Ding! Female lead discovered!] 

[Name: Leira Dertol 

Age: 13 

Female aura: 12,000 

Special ability: Multiple analysis.] 

'A researcher now I see.' 

Lucas felt it was really the right choice to come to the orphanage.

One protagonist and two female leads. A jackpot. 

They were going to be his villain point provider, props. 

'Who should I choose?' Lucas looked at both of the female leads. 

The protagonist has a bad impression of him, even if he does nothing. However, that was not the case with the female leads, he could have a normal conversation with them. 

After a little thinking, Lucas chose Syuzia as his long-term villain point provider. 

'Ah, before that. Villain system, what happens when a female lead loses all of her female aura?' 

[Ding! Normally, as long as the female lead aura remains in the female lead. The female lead automatically has her path connected to another protagonist. Hence being pursued by another protagonist.]

[But, if she were to lose her female aura, she would lose all the privilege of being the female lead, getting help from the world. No protagonist would pursue her either.] 

'I see, that's good. If I want to make a female lead mine, I will have fully extorted all of their female lead aura. It's quite simple now that I think about it.' 

As for the way to harm Levon? Very simple, he just had to distance Levon and the female leads. 

Lucas decided to adopt one of them too. He had no intention of building a romantic relationship, he was not interested in younger women. Making them acknowledge him gave villain points too.

'I will have to become a father, I suppose....' Lucas walked towards Syuzia, who sat quietly in one place. 

The reason why Lucas chose Syuzia was mostly due to her gloomy appearance. 

'I would rather help her, than that blonde girl with a bright personality. More than anything, I want to make her my daughter and let her help me in future fights.'  

Doing this would fully deviate the story from how it was originally set to progress, and Lucas would receive many villain points for that.

If Syuzia were to love Lucas as a father, it would be very useful for him, with her talent for assassination. 

"Leave me alone for a while." Lucas shooed away the caretaker. 

"No...according to the regulation, we must keep a watch on every visitor...." 

"Just do it from a distance, It doesn't break any regulation does it now?" Lucas asked with a sly smirk.

"Okay..." The caretaker moved away, standing near the entrance of the play zone.

'I can't appear weaker than her, in case she looks down on me.' Lucas communicated with the villain system and found an appropriate item soon.

[Presence cancelation (Temparary): Hides the host presence from anyone below D rank, the effect lasts for 12 hours — 200 villain points.]

The chances of Syuzia being rank D were abysmal. The highest record set in the history of mankind was a man 17 years old, who broke through rank D. No one has yet to break this record.

Lucas brought the effect immediately. Feeling a strange energy covering the outer layer of his body, he began walking again.

Evading all the kids running around, Lucas reached Syuzia. She lifted her head, seeing his legs. 

Their eyes met, freezing the atmosphere around them. 

Syuzia's face was beautiful beyond words, appearing like a perfect doll. Her blood-red eyes shone dimly, staring at Lucas.


Without a word, Lucas sat beside Syuzia with no hesitation.

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